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Old School RuneScape: Scurrius the Rat King Boss Guide

Feb-07-2024 PST

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) continues to captivate players with exciting content updates, and one of the recent additions is the formidable boss, Scurrius the Rat King. A Level-250 boss, Scurrius offers a thrilling challenge for players looking to test their combat skills. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the strategies, gear recommendations, and valuable loot drops associated with the enigmatic Scurrius.

The Challenge of Scurrius

Scurrius the Rat King is designed to be a mid-level boss accessible to a wide range of players. Whether you're a combat veteran or a newcomer eager to step into the world of PvM (Player versus Monster), Scurrius offers an engaging battle that can be tackled with all combat styles. Beyond the thrill of the fight, Scurrius introduces new rewards, generous experience rates for combat skill training, and the opportunity to obtain a unique pet.

Recommended Gear for the Battle

As a mid-level boss, Scurrius demands a strategic approach to gear selection. Depending on your combat level, consider the following recommendations:

Combat Level 70-100:

    · Rune Armour, Green D’Hide, or Mystic Robes

    · Amulet of Glory

    · Barrow’s Gloves

    · Best boots, cape, and ring available

Higher Combat Levels or Solo Players:

    · Barrow’s Armour, Black D’Hide, or Void Equipment

    · Void Equipment offers additional DPS for all combat styles

Recommended Weapons:

    · Dragon Scimitar, Magic Shortbow, Iban’s Staff, or better

Special Weapon - Scurrius’ Spine:

    · Can be used to create Rat Bone Weaponry for additional damage against rats


    · Super Combat Potion/Ranging Potion

    · Prayer Potions

    · Teleport Tab

    · Food (Monkfish or better)

Maintain boosted stats during the fight and ensure sufficient Prayer Points for continuous use of Protection Prayers.

Locating Scurrius

Scurrius awaits daring adventurers in a small section of the Varrock Sewers. Access the sewers through a manhole just east of Varrock Castle. Run west from the entrance to find Historian Aldo, who stands just outside Scurrius' lair. Players have the option to initiate either a public fight or access a private instance.

Mastering Scurrius' Phases

Scurrius challenges players through three distinctive phases, each presenting unique attacks and mechanics.

Phase 1: 100% to 75% Health

    · Attacks with all three combat styles

    · Protect from Melee prayer recommended

    · Watch out for magic and ranged attacks

    · Scurrius will eat from a food pile at 75% health, changing its attack style temporarily

    · Avoid falling rubble during a special attack

Phase 2: 75% to 25% Health

    · Similar to Phase 1 but with additional healing from food piles

    · Scurrius can heal up to five times before resuming attacks

    · Periodic spawning of Giant Rats

Phase 3: 25% to 0% Health

    · Scurrius moves to the center, causing rubble to continuously fall

    · Maneuver away from falling debris while attacking

    · Fight concludes when Scurrius reaches 0% health

Scurrius' Loot Table

Scurrius' loot table offers a range of rewards suitable for mid-level players. Notable drops include Rune and Adamant equipment, arrows, potions, and the coveted Scurrius’ Spine. Here's a breakdown of the loot chances:

Possible Drops:

    · Raw Rat Meat, Big Bones (100% chance)

    · Rune Full Helm, Rune Med Helm, Adamant Platebody, Rune Arrows, Adamant Arrows, Prayer Potion, Lobsters, Coins (1,000-9,000gp) (1/16 chance)

    · Shark, Ranging Potion(1), Scurrius’ Spine (1/33 chance)

    · Scurry Pet (1/3000 chance)

Scurrius’ Spine - Crafting Rat Bone Weaponry

Scurrius’ Spine, an untradable drop, unlocks the ability to craft Rat Bone Weaponry. Players can use the spine to create the following weapons:

    1. Bone Mace (35 Smithing): Enhances damage against rats.

    2. Bone Staff (35 Crafting): A rat-slaying staff with additional damage.

    3. Bone Shortbow (35 Fletching): A powerful shortbow effective against rats.

If players lack the required skill levels, they can enlist the help of Historian Aldo by paying 50,000 gp.

Embark on the thrilling journey of facing Scurrius the Rat King in Old School RuneScape, armed with this comprehensive guide. May your strategies be sound, your gear formidable, and your loot bountiful in the shadowy depths of the Varrock Sewers!