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Old School Runescape Slayer Boosting Guide

Jan-30-2024 PST

This article dives deep into the world of Old School Runescape (OSRS) and explores a powerful technique for Slayer training: Trial Boosting.

What is Trial Boosting?

Trial boosting involves strategically asking Slayer master Turael for tasks until you get a streak of nine, then switching to your preferred Slayer master for a tenth task with increased Slayer points due to the streak multiplier. This bypasses the need to grind out long or undesirable tasks from your preferred master.

Benefits of Trial Boosting:

    · Increased Slayer points: By taking advantage of the streak multiplier, you can significantly boost your points per hour.

    · Avoiding bad tasks: You can skip tedious or inconvenient tasks offered by your main Slayer master.

    · Flexibility: You can choose your preferred Slayer master based on your current goals and gear.

How to Do Trial Boosting:

    1. Complete quests and diaries: Several quests and diaries unlock helpful items and teleports that make Trial boosting more efficient.

    2. Gather essential gear and inventory: Equip your Slayer helmet and an Expeditious bracelet, and bring items like a Cannon, Cannon balls, and teleports for various locations.

    3. Ask Turael for tasks: Keep asking Turael for tasks until you get a streak of nine.

    4. Switch to your preferred Slayer master: Choose a master like Konar for high points per task, or another based on your goals.

    5. Complete your 10th task: Enjoy the bonus points from your streak!

Locations and Alternatives for Each Task:

The article provides detailed information on where to find each monster on Turael's list, including alternative locations and strategies. This helps you complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

10th Task Considerations:

The guide suggests choosing Konar for the 10th task due to her high points per task and valuable Slayer weapon drops. It also discusses other options like Nieve or Duradel based on your preferences.

Points per Hour and Comparison with Wilderness Slayer:

The article provides an estimate of points per hour achievable with Trial boosting, comparing it to Wilderness Slayer training. It highlights the advantages of Trial boosting, such as avoiding the dangers of the Wilderness.

Additional Tips and Conclusion:

The guide offers additional tips like dual-task options and interesting ways to switch up tasks. It concludes by emphasizing the benefits of Trial boosting and encouraging viewers to try it out. RSorder will provide all the osrs gold, equipment, etc. needed in the guide.


This article is a comprehensive and informative guide to Trial boosting in OSRS. It covers everything you need to know, from the basics to advanced strategies and comparisons. If you're looking to boost your Slayer points and efficiency, this guide is a valuable resource.