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Old School Runescape: The Art of the Impossible - A Level One Combat Account

Jan-25-2024 PST

Welcome adventurers, to a journey into the realm of the impossible! Today, we delve into the audacious concept of a Level One Combat Account in Old School Runescape, a feat that has never been achieved in the main game. But fear not, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge and (questionable) strategies to tackle this monumental challenge.

Why a Level One Combat Account?

The allure of the impossible is undeniable. Imagine traversing the intricate landscapes of Gielinor, wielding powerful gear, and conquering challenging bosses, all while boasting a combat level of one. It's a testament to dedication, resourcefulness, and a touch of madness (maybe a lot).

The Path to Level One:

The road to Level One is paved with long hours, meticulous planning, and a healthy dose of RNG. Here's a breakdown of the proposed steps:

Phase 1: AFK Grindfest (4,000-5,000 hours)

  • 199 Million XP: Train Attack, Strength, and Defense to 199 million XP without exceeding 200 million. This can be done efficiently through Guthans and Spear in Nightmare Zone.

  28 Million Range XP: Train Range to 28 million XP without exceeding 200 million Hitpoints XP. Cage Ogres with a cannon offer a decent AFK grind.

  Hitpoints Crossroads: You have two options here:

        o AFK Route (Longer): Grind 140 million Hitpoints XP in Soul Wars using the Doo method. This takes around 3,000 hours.

        o Active Route (Shorter): Train Range to 199 million XP without exceeding 214 million Hitpoints XP. This is faster but requires focused cannoning at Caged Ogres (around 1,000 hours).

Phase 2: The Overflow (Time Varies)

The key to resetting your combat level lies in a XP overflow glitch. This requires reaching 214 million XP and then gaining an additional 1 XP drop in the desired stat. This is where things get tricky:

   Bounty Hunter Points: The current best method for getting massive XP drops is Bounty Hunter. You'll need to farm massive amounts of points (30,000 per 15 million XP) through PvP or, ahem, "boosting" methods (use at your own risk!).

   Target Selection: Choose the stat you want to reset last, as you need to remain above level 32 combat to re-enter the Bounty Hunter crater.

Phase 3: The Triumph (and Potential Banhammer)

If all goes well, you'll have a Level One Combat Account with negative XP in one or more stats! But beware, Jagex might not appreciate your ingenuity and could flag your account.

Alternative Paths:

Level One Combat isn't the only way to push the boundaries. Consider these alternative goals:

   Level One Prayer: Similar to the Level One Combat method, train Prayer to 199 million XP, get negative XP through Bounty Hunter, and then normalize your XP to avoid suspicion.

   Low-Level Inferno Cape: Achieve the iconic Inferno Cape at a ridiculously low combat level with 199 million Prayer and a well-planned strategy.


This is a theoretical exploration, and attempting these methods could result in account penalties. Proceed with caution and at your own risk.

The Final Word:

The Level One Combat Account is a truly ambitious goal, a testament to the dedication and creativity of the Runescape community. While the path is fraught with challenges and potential consequences, the reward of achieving the impossible is undeniably alluring. So, adventurers, will you dare to embark on this epic quest and etch your name in the annals of Runescape history?

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