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Old School RuneScape: Top 5 AFK Methods for Productive Idling

Jan-11-2024 PST

Have you ever found yourself indulging in a game of RuneScape when you should be focusing on something else? Well, fear not, as Old School RuneScape (OSRS) offers a range of methods for players to make progress or earn OSRS money while being away from the keyboard. Commonly known as AFK (Away From Keyboard) methods, these activities require minimal input, allowing players to multitask with ease. In this article, we'll delve into the top 5 AFK methods in OSRS, analyzing their idle time XP per hour, effort required, and overall usefulness.

#5 - Artisan Skills: Cooking, Fletching, and Smithing:

Artisan skills like Cooking, Fletching, and Smithing make it to our list due to their profitability and relatively high AFK potential. Cooking, for instance, allows players to cook a full inventory of fish in approximately 1 minute and 7 seconds, providing an AFK opportunity during the process. The banking time is minimal, and if you use cooking gauntlets and Josilius Clay Oven, you can further enhance your efficiency. Fletching unstrung bows and smithing items like cannonballs or dart tips also offer decent AFK possibilities with varying XP rates and profits.

#4 - Fishing:

Fishing is a no-brainer when it comes to AFK activities in OSRS. Whether you're catching monkfish, sharks, or anglerfish, most fishing methods are relatively AFK, depending on how often the fish spots change. Karan ones, starting at 65 Fishing, provide an excellent AFK option, allowing players to be away for four to five minutes per inventory. With the fish barrel from Temporos, you can maximize your catch and expect both XP and profit in the range of 20-40k XP per hour and 150-250k GP per hour.

#3 - Woodcutting:

Woodcutting, when done at the Woodcutting Guild, proves to be an enjoyable and AFK-friendly skill. With a +7 level invisible boost and proximity to the bank, higher-level trees in the guild offer a good balance between AFK time and XP rates. Depending on your woodcutting level, you can expect 25-37.5k XP per hour and 100-150k GP per hour. Redwood trees, available at level 90, provide even better XP rates, making woodcutting a viable AFK option.

#2 - Combat Skills:

Training combat skills is essential in OSRS, and fortunately, several AFK methods cater to different combat levels. Killing sand crabs, especially at Crab Claw Isle, is an excellent method for lower levels, allowing 10-minute AFK periods. Nightmare Zone, while not as AFK as sand crabs, provides good XP rates for higher-level players, with up to 90k XP per hour. Customizable normal Rumble setups with absorption potions are recommended for extended AFK sessions.

#1 - Mining: Shooting Stars:

Claiming the top spot is mining, specifically the unique method of mining shooting stars. These stars land approximately once every two hours in various predetermined locations. By scouting your own stars and avoiding crowded worlds, you can achieve an incredible 20-30k XP per hour with up to 25 minutes of pure idling per star. Shooting stars also yield Stardust, which can be used to enhance your mining experience by obtaining the celestial ring and other valuable old school runescape items.


Old School RuneScape provides a plethora of AFK opportunities for players looking to make progress or earn money while focusing on other tasks. Whether you prefer the culinary arts, combat, or resource gathering, there's an AFK method for everyone. By exploring these top 5 methods, you can strike a perfect balance between productivity and leisure in the vast world of OSRS. So, get ready to AFK your way to success in Gielinor!