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OSRS 1-99 Complete Cooking Guide(P2P+F2P)

Dec-24-2021 PST

Cooking is one of the 99 easiest in the Old school RuneScape. Primarily because it requires little RuneScape gold or no investment and is quick to resolve. For this reason, players tend to target cooking for the first 99. It is also the most common untrimmed skill area in the game.  I present all possible F2P, P2P methods.

Why should you train your cooking skill in OSRS?

I mean, what's the right target? You can only buy food from GE ... However, cooking requires many important tasks and diaries.

   Recipe for Disaster: 70 cooking required

   Swan Song: 62 cooking required

   Varrock Elite Diary: 95 cooking required

   Wildy Elite Diary: 90 cooking required

   Kourend Elite Diary 84 cooking required

Ironman accounts also definitely need a decent chef so they can provide themselves with food while working on the operating system. Also, cooking is usually just a very quick skill to practice, which is why it’s one of the most popular ends of the game. Did you know that you get a cooking week in less than 20 hours? This cooking guide shows you how.

EXP Boosters

Every improvement to the cooking experience is just P2P:

Cooking Gauntlets: Family Crest

When Cooking Gauntlets (also called cooking gloves) wear out, they reduce the chance of some foods burning. The Gauntlets only apply to lobster, swordfish, anglerfish, sharks, and anglerfish.

Requirements: Family Crest

To access Cooking Gauntlets, you must complete the Family Crest quest.

Family Crest Skill Requirements:

   40 Mining

   40 Smithing

   59 Magic

   40 Crafting

   Ability to safe-spot a 172 demon

Best Cooking Locations

All you need for cooking training is a fireplace/range and a nearby bank. Here I will show you the best places to cook in both P2P and F2P.

Cooking burn levels OSRS

One of the most important factors to understand when cooking in an old school RuneScape is that there are different levels of burn in cooking.

By burn rate, we mean the level of cooking at which you stop burning food completely.

In addition to the cooking level, these burning rates also depend on your location, regardless of whether you use cooking gloves (certain foods only) and put food on fire or on the stove.

For ease of reference, there is a burn level table for each cooking level in the guide section below.

Burthorpe Rogues Den (P2P)

This place is located below the Porthorpe Inn. Permanent fire lit by the banker (not moving) next door! Are you getting better? The only downside to cooking is that the stove (unlike the area) slightly increases the rate of fire in a certain area.

Nothing is required to get here, making it the most popular cooking spot for P2P players. In addition, the fact that you can do business with banks on site makes this the best place to make AFK in an old school RuneScape.

You can easily get here by teleporting your game pendant to the Burthorpe game room, where the fire is under the pub.

Best place to cook: Hosidius Cooking Range (P2P)

Hosidius is the best place to cook at OSRS. Our Hosidius-scale cooking training will reduce your cooking burns by 5% (10% if you complete the Kourend & Kebos Elite Diary). The Hosidius cooking zone requires that you have a 100% advantage to achieve it. The bank is close to scale.

If you have your 100% hosidius favor this is the best place to cook in OSRS due to de decreased burn levels. However, Burthorpe is still a perfectly good option, and most players still use it.

Cook-o-Matic (Lumbridge Castle Range) (F2P)

Best F2P place to cook: Lumbridge Castle

If you’re a F2P Player you want to utilize the Cook-o-Matic 100 in Lumbridge castle which is the best place to cook for free-to-play players. All you have to do to access this range is complete the 1-minute-long Cook’s Assistant quest and you can use it for free.

Running Assistant Cook will give you access to a reduced burn rate range called Cook-O-Matic 100. This area is located in Lumbridge Castle’s kitchen. You have to walk up the ladder to the bank.

The downside is that you have to go up the stairs to get up and down. However, this is the best and fastest way to train cooking as a F2P player.

Benefits of owning OSRS cooking cape

So what are the benefits of owning OSRS cooking cape? (Except for the fact that it’s a quick cape to achieve and a fast way to trim another skillcape.

Wearing the cooking cape means you will stop burning food altogether. The cooking cape can also be used as a substitute for the chef’s hat to enter the cooking guild.