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OSRS 1 -99 Cooking Training Guide – AFK Method(make money & EXP)

Dec-28-2021 PST

In this OSRS Cooking Guide, we will be summing up some OSRS Gold making ways and the most lucrative and fastest experience per hour. Hopefully, this OSRS 1-99 cooking guide was helpful and will aid you in getting 1-99 cooking as quickly as possible!

This method works best when both the Cooking Gauntlets (highly recommended) and the Hosidus Range (highly recommended) are used during cooking training. I have added burn-level tables for your convenience.

Levels 1 – 20 Cooking Sardines

At cooking levels 1-20 you need to cook 112 sardines. Levels 1-20 take less than 10 minutes in a good location. Alternatively, you can use shrimp that burn a little less but also get less experience.

   EXP Rate: 30K/hr

   Profit: -6,496gp

Levels 20 – 30 Cooking Trout

At cooking levels 20-30, you need to cook 128 trout. This takes about 5-7 minutes.

   EXP Rate: 80K/hr

   Profit: 128gp

Levels 30 – 50 Cooking Salmon

At cooking levels 30-50, you need to cook 978 salmons. This takes about 40-50 minutes. If you don’t care about making money or AFK, you can stop at level 35 and start making wine jugs instead.

   EXP Rate: 100K/hr

   Profit: 1,956gp

Levels 50 – 61 Cooking Tuna

At cooking levels 50-61, you will need to cook the 2010 tuna. This takes about 1.5 hours and you earn very little profit from the money spent.

   EXP Rate: 120K/hr

   Profit: 2,010gp

Levels 61 – 76 Cooking Lobster

Burn levels for Cooking Lobster. From level 61 onwards, you will stop burning lobsters if you have a cooking gauntlets and use the hosidius range.

   Fire: 74

   Reg. Range: 74

   Hosidius Range (5%): 70

   Gauntlets: 64

   Gauntlets + Hosidius (5%): 61

At cooking levels 61-76, you should cook 8618 lobsters, which takes 6 hours. You lose money making lobsters.

   EXP Rate: 160K/hr

   Profit: -270K

Levels 76 – 82 Cooking Swordfish

At cooking levels 76-82, you need to cook swordfish for the fastest experience. You have to cook 7,748 swordfish, this takes about 6 hours.

Cooking Burn levels for Swordfish

   Fire: 86

   Reg. Range: 86

   Hosidius Range (5%): 82

   Gauntlets: 81

   Gauntlets + Hosidius (5%): 76

   EXP Rate: 180K/hr

   Profit: -180K

Levels 82 – 89 Cooking Monkfish

At levels 82-89, you should produce 16,142 Monkfish. This will take about 12 hours and you will earn a good profit.

Burn levels for Cooking Monkfish

   Fire: 92

   Reg. Range: 90

   Hosidius Range (5%): 84

   Gauntlets: 88

   Gauntlets + Hosidius (5%): 82

   EXP Rate: 200K/hr

   Profit from 82-89: 1M

   Profit from 82-99: 4,3M

Levels 89 – 93 Cooking Sharks

At cooking levels 89-93, you have to cook 11,207 sharks, which takes about 9 hours. You get a huge XP speed of 260,000 and you earn a good profit from the sharks.

Cooking burn levels for Sharks

   Cooking Gauntlets: 94

   Gauntlets + Hosidius (5%): 89

   EXP Rate: 260K/hr

   Profit from 89-93: 580K

   Profit from 89-99: 2M

Levels 93 – 99 Cooking Anglerfish

At cooking levels 93-99, you will need to cook 25,387 Anglerfish, which will take about 20 hours.

Burn levels for Cooking Anglerfish

   Cooking Gauntlets: 98

   Gauntlets + Hosidius (5%): 93

   EXP Rate: 310K/hr

   Profit: 780k

With AFK’s old-school cooking top method, you get 99 in less than 60 hours. Provided you wear cooking gauntlets and using the Hosidius Range. Finally, RSorder provides OSRS Boosting service, which includes cooking training 1-99, to ensure fast and safe!