OSRS Best Melee Weapons 2022

Aug-15-2022 PST

Many players may have left OSRS after a brief duration, but the player base has strongly increased again, and it’s now surging in popularity. Even players who haven’t played the game before are now enjoying it. The main reason would be due to the pandemic that caused an eagerness in people to play together with their friends and obtain powerful equipment.

That’s primarily why we have listed down the ten most powerful Melee weapons in the game. Whether your preference is a one-handed weapon or a two-handed weapon, no worries because you’ll find a weapon to your liking in this list. So, let’s begin.

Granite Maul

Granite Maul is a two-handed weapon that can be found in the Slayer Tower. The only way to obtain it is by killing Gargoyles because the item cannot be made from the Smithing skill, or in fact, any other source.

It’s a powerful tool to utilize, especially with its powerup activated. During a Power Surge, you can perform a Quick Smash for rapid succession, which in turn deals more damage than most special attack weapons. The upgraded version, Granite Maul (or), is created by attaching a Granite Clamp to the original variant. The Clamp is used only for decorating purposes, and it doesn’t offer any real bonuses or powers.

Dragon Claws

Created from Dragon Metal, these Claws are known throughout the game for their special attack. The special attack deals damage with a number of powerful hits in quick succession. You can obtain Dragon Claws from the Chambers of Xeric (Raid), or temporarily through a Bloodier Key (Last Man Standing minigame).

The Dragon Claws are a tradeable item that can also be made through the Smithing skill. The attack speed of the weapon matches a dagger, meaning that it is the fastest two-handed weapon out of the ones available in the game. The special attack is called Slice & Dice, which hits the foe four times.

Crystal Halberd

The Crystal Halberd is popular for its special attack, and it can deal immense damage to large monsters or a group of mobs. It is more powerful than the Dragon Halberd, making it an excellent choice for a player who wishes to Melee safe-spot.

In order to obtain the Crystal Halbert, you’ll need 70 Attack, 50 Agility, and 35 Strength, to complete the Hard Western Provinces Diary. Once that’s done, you need to locate and speak to Islwyn, who will sell you a Crystal Halbert for a fee of 750,000 OSRS GP.

Dragon Dagger

Also known as the second most powerful dagger in the game, Dragon Dagger is known for its special attack. You at least need an Attack level of 60 to bring the best out of this weapon. The special attack is named Puncture, which deals with two significant hits at once while boosting your accuracy and damaging bonuses during the strikes.

Dragon Scimitar

You need an attack level of 60+ to wield a Dragon Scimitar. Besides that, you need to finish the quest called Monkey Madness 1. This weapon is quite popular within its class, and it is one of the best one-handed Melee weapons to train with. Normal accounts can purchase a Dragon Scimitar from the Grand Exchange, while Ironman accounts have to visit Daga’s Scimitar Smithy shop (Ape Atoll) to purchase it. Make sure you have 100,000 coins on you.

Abyssal Tentacle

You can wield the Abyssal Tentacle at level 75 Attack. The item is crafted by attaching a Kraken Tentacle to an Abyssal Whip. The weapon boosts your Slash by +8 and adds +4 to your damaging stats. A plus point is that this weapon holds a 25% chance to poison your enemies, and once the enemy is poisoned, it deals 4 damage till the effect lasts. The Abyssal Tentacle breaks down after 10,000 hits, so make sure that you use the weapon wisely.

Abyssal Whip

Speaking of the best one-handed weapon in the game, there’s nothing that can match the power of an Abyssal Whip, for OSRS best melee gear. It’s famous among players for training purposes, and it required you to have an Attack level of 70 to wield. You can obtain the item in the form of a drop from the Abyssal Demons. Its special attack yields an energy siphon that targets the enemy. Lastly, you need to have a Slayer level of 85 to kill an Abyssal Demon.

Saradomin Sword

Also known as the weapon of the God Wars Dungeon boss, Commander Zilyana, the Saradomin Sword is a two-handed weapon that requires you to have 70 Attack to wield. You can obtain the item in the form of a drop from the Commander itself, or by killing any of her minions, for OSRS best melee gear.

It’s different from other two-handed weapons in terms of attack speed (4), making it a preferable choice for players who mostly play with one-handed weapons. You can augment the weapon by attaching Saradomin tear to it, thus, creating the Blessed variant that offers a +18 Slash and +6 Strength boost. The special attack calls Saradomin’s Lightning to boost Magic and Melee damage.

Abyssal Bludgeon

A two-handed Crush weapon that can only be obtained by combining three untradeable components at the Overseer (Bludgeon Axon, Claw, and Spine). You need a Strength and Attack level of 70 to wield the item, for OSRS gear. If you lack the items to create an Abyssal Bludgeon, you can obtain them from the Un-Sired, nearby the Abyssal Spire.

Since its attack style is more capable when it comes to aggressiveness, the weapon can only be used to attack Strength. It also has Crush attacks, and a special attack named Penance that boosts the damage rate by half a percent.

Abyssal Dagger

The most powerful dagger in the game is called Abyssal Dagger, which requires you to have 70 Attack to wield, for OSRS gear. You have a 20% chance to obtain the weapon when you use the Un-Sired on the Font of Consumption. The dagger exceeds the stats of Staff of the Dead in terms of Strength and Accuracy. It also offers a +5 Attack and +3 Strength bonus to the wielder.

Abyssal Dagger’s special attack is called Abyssal Puncture, which is a two-hit attack that offers a 25% boost in Accuracy, but at the cost of damage (drops 15%). You can deal maximum damage of 40-40 on your foe, and 46-46 if you have a Slave Amulet equipped, and you’re fighting against Un-Dead type monsters.

Whatever your play style, playing Old School RuneScape requires the right weapons. Some of the best weapons can only be obtained by completing difficult quests, being bought with OSRS Gold, or purchasing them through RSorder. Above is our list of OSRS Best Melee Weapons. What do you think are OSRS's Best Melee Weapons in your mind?