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OSRS Bonds

Apr-03-2022 PST


Have you ever wondered why OSRS Bonds are so expensive? If the answer is yes, then keep reading ahead because we’re here to clear your doubts.

What are OSRS Bonds?

In OSRS, Bonds are an in-game item that can be used by players to pay for their memberships and become a P2P character. There are both; tradeable and non-tradeable bonds, where the tradeable ones can either be swapped with other players, or sold at the Grand Exchange, while the un-tradeable Bonds need to first be converted for a minor fee (OSRS GP). It’s worth noting that you cannot trade Bonds after the initial transaction.

Once you possess a Bond, you will never lose it, which means that you can even wander within the deep Wilderness without worrying about the item. Bonds can be stored in your Bond Pouch, which can be accessed through the settings interface. You can store up to 20 OSRS Bonds, and you can only purchase one for every Grand Exchange trade slot.

The fee to convert your untradeable bond to tradeable is 10% of the value the Bond is listed at on the Grand Exchange item list. OSRS Bonds can be redeemed to pay for memberships on OSRS, granting a two weeks membership for a single Bond, twenty-nine days for two, and forty-five days for three.

Another advantage is that you can also use an OSRS Bond to change your username. You can do it through the Display Name option within the Chat Menu of the settings interface.

Why are OSRS Bonds so expensive?

Now that you have a good idea of what OSRS Bonds are, let’s move to the part where we tell you the reason why they are so expensive. Well, several in-game players have given feedback that Bonds have drastically hiked in price since their release, for osrs bonds price. While there are players who find it a tedious task to purchase them, there are some who sell their OSRS Bonds to make Runescape gold.

The rise in value started during the last few months of 2020 when the trend was to use IRL money to purchase Bonds. There also weren’t many players who were willing to sell OSRS Bonds at that time, so the demands were high. Given the pandemic that took place during that year, it’s understandable why the prices went high. There were a lot of holidays, causing people to switch to an online platform to kill time while staying at home.

It's nothing new because various other items drastically rose in price too. Once time goes by, we are looking to see the price drop and levelled out, for osrs bonds price. With that said, you can still expect it to go higher by the end of the year, or when vacations or holidays are closing in.

You don’t have to worry about how OSRS Bonds function or what price they stand at, because it’s best to avoid purchasing them during such times. Target them when they’re not at their peak time. Also, trends in MMORPGs aren’t consistent throughout the year, so you simply need to keep an eye out. They are currently standing at 5.3M in 2022, with a 16% rise from January to February.