​OSRS Cooking Guide

May-25-2022 PST


Cooking is the simplest skill on the OSRS platform, and the cost can vary depending upon the method that you choose. It’s quite easy and quick to train if you’re looking to earn some additional money or raise your total level. Cooking consists of various dishes with simple and complex steps to get the end result.

Gnome Cooking

A good addition to the skill is Gnome Cooking. It consists of complicated recipes that require different levels to train in the Gnome Restaurant minigame. It may not be the best method to train your skill, but it’s a notable one to gain the early levels. Gnome Cooking is expensive and distant during the early-game content, so if you’re looking for a variety of things, then you should consider this method. You can start by speaking to Aluft Gianne at the Gnome Stronghold.


You can gain early XP in cooking by completing various quests. These include Cook’s Assistant, Gertrude’s Cat, and Rag & Bone Man 1, which will give you a total of 2,325 XP without much of an effort put into the skill. Completing these quests will straightaway get you to level 14 Cooking.

Once you’re at a further stage with a better understanding of the game’s mechanics, you can complete the following quests for cooking XP – Recipe for Disaster, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, and Heroes’ Quest.

Fastest Training Method

1 to 30

If you have good capital, you can start by cooking Poison Karambwan to swiftly reach level 30. The poison variant is quite different from the regular ones because you can cook them at level 1 and still get a significant amount of XP.

30 to 99

After level 30, you can switch to cooking regular Karambwan until you reach level 99. They have a high upfront cost of training, but with a potential of profit when you’re at a higher level and increase the chances of succeeding.

Fishing – Cooking Training Method

If you’re looking to train two skills at a given time, then training your cooking while fishing is a very successful route to approach. You can train them side by side and enhance your profit margin on an hourly basis.

1 to 20

Shrimp is the first fish that players catch during their tutorial phase. They heal very little HP, and they aren’t worth much in gold; however, they are a good option to consider while approaching this method. The best spot is located in Draynor Village, nearby the Willow trees.

20 to 30

Trout can be a little tricker to acquire as compared to Shrimps. There isn’t a continent spot where you can bank and fish them because both; the Barbarian Village and Lumbridge River are distant from the bank.

30 to 40

You can Harpoon Tuna in the same spot as Lobsters on Karamja Island. The best way is to light a fire as soon as you have an entire inventory of Tuna and then cook them.

40 to 45

As mentioned above, you can catch Lobsters on the Karamja island fishing spot. The catch rate is lower as compared to Tuna when you first unlock the levels to fish them. Besides that, it’s recommended that you follow the same mechanics as Tuna while fishing and cooking them. Make sure that you also cook Tune for additional XP.

Pie Training Method

If you have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest and have 65+ Magic, you can approach the Pie Training Method, way to 99. You can gain additional benefits by using the Bake Pie spell. There are some ingredients that are impossible to acquire, so we’ve sorted out a list of how you can easily train by making pies.

10 to 52

From level 10 to 20, you can make Redberry Pie that offers 78 XP each. From level 20 to 29, you can make Meat Pie that offers 110 XP each, for way to 99. From level 29 to 30, you can make Mud Pie that offers 128 XP each. From level 30 to 34, you can make Apple Pie that offers 130 XP each. From level 34 to 47, you can make Garden Pie that offers 138 XP each. From level 47 to 52, you can make Fish Pie that offers 164 XP each.

52 to 99

From level 52 to 60, you can make Botanical Pie that offers 180 XP each. From level 60 to 70, you can make Mushroom Pie that offers 200 XP each, for cooking guide osrs. From level 70 to 73, you can make Admiral Pie that offers 210 XP each. From level 73 to 85, you can make Dragon Fruit Pie that offers 220 XP each. From level 85 to 95, you can make Wild Pie that offers 240 XP each. From level 95 to 99, you can make Summer Pie that offers 260 XP each.

Wine Training Method

One of the most popular ways to train cooking is Wine Making. The speed rate may be a little tedious, but the method is best suited for laid-back players, for cooking guide osrs. The method entirely depends upon the speed of production as well as the fermenting mechanics for rapid XP.

You’ll need Grapes and a Jug of Water to create wine. Adding Grapes into it will turn the water into Unfermented Wine, which will then turn into normal wine after 12 seconds and reward XP. A plus point is that you can directly store the Unfermented Wine in your bank and continue the process because the wine can also ferment itself in the bank. You’ll need more than 62,000 Jugs of Wine to reach level 99 Cooking.

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