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OSRS Desert Treasure 2 Rewards Guide - ALL You Need to Know

Aug-22-2023 PST

Old School RuneScape is updated from time to time, and this time, a new grandmaster quest is coming. This quest is called the desert treasure 2. Previously, the desert treasure quest was quite popular in the community, so everyone is excited about what is coming up this time. Rewards for this quest are what makes it so popular. In this Desert treasure quest rewards guide, you'll learn about all the rewards that you can get for completing this quest.

What is the Desert Treasure 2 quest?

The desert treasure two quests is a sequel to the desert treasure quest, which was released around seventeen years ago in RuneScape 3. It'll be released on July 26, 2023. It features rewards that you can use to boost your performance for both player-vs-monster and player-vs-player interactions. Along with these rewards, the Desert Treasure 2 quest will also unlock four new areas as well as four new bosses. You can deal with these bosses when you finish this quest. To unlock the desert treasure two quests, you have to complete the following quests first.

· Below Ice Mountain

· Temple of the Eye

· Garden of Death

· Secrets of the North

As it is a difficult quest, you need at least seventy stats in all categories, while better stats will make your work easier. Each of those high-level bosses that will unlock once you complete this quest will be quite difficult to kill. But when you kill them, they will drop some pretty good rewards, such as ancient gems. Along with these rewards, you'll also make a lot of gold. Below are the names of these four bosses that you'll be dealing with.

· Duke Sucellus

· Vardorvis

· The Leviathan

· The Whisperer

Desert Treasure 2 Rewards

Virtus Robes

Virtus robe is an armor for mage class. Compared to the previous version of this robe, the Virtus robe is way more powerful as it features ancient spells. Spellbook of Ruinous Powers

Out of all the rewards of part two of the desert treasure quest, this spell book is the most exciting reward. This book features a variety of different prayers. These prayers will entirely change the way you deal with enemies. Most of the prayers available in this prayer book are combat based and help players in fighting player-vs-player as well as player-vs-monster battles. It can also work in some other battles as well. Here are all the available prayers. Protection Prayers

· Deflect Melee, Ranged, Magic – This prayer reduces the damage you take against monsters by ninety percent. For player-vs-player battles, the damage taken is reduced by thirty-six percent. Around ten percent of the damage is deflected back to the attacker.

Offensive Prayers

· Ancient Precision – Twenty percent attack buff

· Ancient Strength – Twenty percent strength buff

· Ancient Sight – Twenty percent ranged attack and strength buff

· Ancient Will – Twenty percent magic attack buff

· Trinitas – Fifteen percent attack and strength buff. Fifteen percent ranged attack and strength buff. Fifteen percent magic attack buff.

· Decimate – Twenty percent attack buff and thirty percent strength buff.

· Anihilate – Twenty percent ranged attack buff, and thirty percent ranged strength buff.

· Vaporise – Twenty-five percent magic attack buff and four percent magic damage buff.

Overhead Offensive Prayers

· Gambit – Increase the accuracy of all styles by eight percent.

· Rebuke – Increases your damage taken by fifteen percent as well as reflects fifteen percent of the damage.

· Vindication – When your health is less than ten percent, it heals you for fifteen percent of the total prayer level.

· Wrath – Deals twenty-five percent damage to all nearby enemies when the player dies.

· Ruinous Smite – Reduces the prayer points of enemies by thirty-three percent.

Ancient Vows

· Fumus' Vow – Deal ten percent poison damage to an enemy and consumes your poison severity.  

· Umbra's Vow – Ten percent of damage drains the enemy's defense.

· Cruor's Vow – There is a ten percent chance that you'll heal when you deal damage to enemies in any combat style.

· Glacies' Vow – Launch a magical attack.

Utility Prayers

· Ruinous Grace – This prayer drains your prayer points instead of the run energy.

· Rejuvenation – You can regenerate one health point after twenty seconds.

· Metabolise – This prayer reduces action delay.

· Berserker – Extends the duration of the combat stat boost by fifty percent when this prayer is active.

Upgrades to the Ancient Sceptre

After completing the secret of the north quest, you'll get the Ancient Sceptre when you defeat the final boss. It is an upgraded version of the Ancient Staff. The desert treasure two quests will unlock upgrades to this Sceptre. These upgrades come in the form of gems. These gems are untradeable. You can buff spells of the Ancient Sceptre using these gems.

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