OSRS Druidic Ritual Quest Guide

Nov-08-2021 PST


A novice quest that serves as the introduction to Herblore. It’s a fairly short quest that takes place in the vicinity of Taverley. It’s about the Druids residing north of Taverley, and how you have to help them make a potion to reclaim the stone circle located south of Varrock.

Items Required

  ● Raw Bear Meat

  ● Raw Rat Meat

  ● Raw Beef

  ● Raw Chicken


To start the quest, you must first speak to the NPC named Kaqemeex, who is located nearby the stone circle south of Taverley. To be a little more precise on the location, it is on the hill to the east side of the Burthrope road. Kaqemeex will inform you about the stone circle that is south of Varrock, and how it used to belong to them until the Dark Wizards took over. Once the conversation ends, he will ask you to speak to Sanfew.

Now, go back down south and speak to Sanfew. You can locate him by heading upstairs to the Herblore shop (Indicated with a Herblore icon on the map). It’s two buildings south of the big building that contains a Crystal Chest within. Tell Sanfew that you have come to offer a helping hand with the purification ritual relating to the stone circle in Varrock. He will then ask you to place the following items in the Cauldron of Thunder; Raw Rat Meat, Raw Beef, Raw Chicken, and Raw Bear Meat.

The fastest way to obtain the items is via the Grand Exchange, or buy it from RSorder, or you can alternatively head to Varrock and run to the east part of the outer city to kill them. You can find the Giant Rat nearby the southeast Varrock mine, and the Bear is a little south of the mine. Now, when you head down the Lumbridge road, you can kill a chicken, and make your way to the pasture to find a Cow. Also, if you don’t want to walk your way to Varrock, you can always choose to kill the Bear wandering around the building east of the Ice Mountain. Similarly, you can kill a Cow and Chicken at the farm located southeast of the southern Falador entrance. Lastly, a Giant Rat can be found near the graveyard located north of the church in Port Sarim.

You also have the option to purchase the meat pieces from Rufus’ Meat Emporium if you don’t have to waste time hunting the animals, or if you are an Ironman who cannot use the Grand Exchange. It’s worth noting that Rufus’ Meat Emporium is accessible to the player who has the Canifis route unlocked.

Once you have the required items, head to the Taverley Dungeon and make your way to the Cauldron of Thunder. It’s advisable to bring food along with you if you are a low-leveled player. The dungeon is located south of Taverley, so head there and climb down the ladder to enter. Now, keep walking north, right past the level 22 and 25 skeletons until you come across level 19 Suits of Armor NPCs that are standing next to a gate. You can choose to either kill them or directly walk in through the gate to find the Cauldron.

So, it’s time to use the raw meat in your inventory on the Cauldron of Thunder for the meat to turn blueish. Once the meat turns into their enchanted versions; Enchanted Rat, Enchanted Chicken, Enchanted Beef, and Enchanted Bear, you can head back the same road to leave the dungeon. Finally, hand over the meat to Sanfew, and then speak to Kaqemeex to complete the quest.

Upon completion, he will reward you with 4 Quest Points, 250 Herblore Experience, and the ability to access and train the Herblore skill. Congratulations!