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OSRS Fishing Guide - 1-99 Complete Training

Mar-02-2022 PST

Although fishing isn't the fastest 99 skills, it can be achieved mainly through AFK gameplay, depending on which method you choose. This fishing osrs Guide will summarize the quickest and slower ways to make money fishing.

Fishing EXP Booster

Before we dive into the fishing OSRS guide, you should ensure that you are running at your best. Fishing, like all other skills, comes with an exp-boosting outfit. This outfit can be obtained from the Fishing Trawler minigame.

Anglers outfit

The 'Anglers Outfit" is the fishing outfit. Fishing with the complete outfit will give you 2.5% more experience. This will make it easier to get 99 fishing. This outfit is available by playing the Fishing Trawler Minigame or flying fishing. You can use the Anglers Outfit to increase your experience rates by 2,5% if you wear the entire outfit while fishing.

You also get a nice fashionscape. A dragon/infernal/harpoon will increase your catch rate by 20% when fishing for tuna/swordfish. This particular attack will improve your fishing skill by three levels. It can also use it to increase exp rates. The Anglers Outfit will help you save approximately 6 hours of fishing time from levels 50 to 99. However, it will take you about 6-8 hours to complete so you can decide whether or not it is worth it.

Fishing Trawler OSRS

Official world of fishing trawlers: 370

Stock needed:

  ● Swamp Paste

  ● Rope

  ● Bailing Bucket

The fishing trawler can be accomplished semi-AFK. While you're doing anything, you can spam-click the hole. Each round of fishing trawler takes approximately 10 minutes. The complete outfit will be available within 8 hours.

Admiral pie osrs

An admiral pie can increase your fishing level by 5 points. This is an excellent way for players to join the osrs fisherman guild at level 63 fishing instead of level 68.

An admiral pie is a great way to access the osrs fisherman guild. It offers close banking options, and, most importantly, you receive a +7-level boost when fishing in the guild. This will significantly increase your experience rates.

Dragon Harpoon

You can use the dragon harpoon starting at level 61 fishing. The special attack, which can be activated anywhere, will allow you to catch fish 20% faster than regular harpoons.

This particular attack will increase your fishing skill by 3 for a short time every time it is used. It can be used for any fishing, so it is highly recommended to get the best fishing experience.

Fishing OSRS Guide 1 to 99 – The Fast Way

Suggestion: Complete Sea Slug quest

It will be well worth it If you have 30 firemaking to skip the first 24 levels of fishing and instead complete this quest. I 100% advise you do this if you do have the needed firemaking level; it will be vastly quicker.

Levels 1-20 Shrimp/Anchovy Fishing

You can catch shrimp with a small fishing net. This will give you 10 experiences for each catch. You can also see anchovies at level 15 fishing, which will provide you with 40 experiences. To reach level 15 fishing, you will need 252 shrimp. Then, you will need 206 shrimp or 52 anchovies to get to level 20 fishing in osrs.

Small fishing net: Fishing gear

Shrimp/Anchovy Fishing Spots Lumbridge Swamp. Draynor Village. Catherby (P2P).

Levels 20-58 OSRS Fly Fishing

From level 20, you open the power to fish trout utilizing fly fishing. This is the fastest way to reach level 58 in the osrs fishery. You can also catch salmon in fly fishing from level 30 fishing. Each trout will give you 50 fishing experiences, while each salmon will provide you with 70.

  ● Fly fishing tools: Fly fishing rod + feathers

  ● EXP rate: 25-35k/h

  ● Fly fishing spots: for Shilo Village (recommended), Lumbridge, Barbarian Village, and Gnome

Levels 58-99 OSRS Barbarian Fishing

Level 58 fishing unlocks the ability to fish leaping salmon using barbarian fishing.

Barbarian fishing is an old-school fishing method that can teach you how to fish fast. It should be used up to 99 fishing if your goal is to catch maximum fishing.

Jumping salmon/sturgeon fishing in the osrs isn't a lucrative job. So instead, you will shift-drop them to increase your experience rate.

You can also catch leaping sturgeon once you have reached level 70 fishing. This will increase your experience rate slightly. Leaping salmon gives 70 experience per catch while leaping sturgeon gives 80 experience per catch.

Barbarian fishing is a great way to receive strength and agility experience, making this a beneficial path to training towards max level in osrs.

Needs for barbarian fishing:

  ● Fishing level: 50 (leaping salmon)/70(leaping sturgeon)

  ● Strength level: 30(leaping salmon)/45(leaping sturgeon)

  ● Agility level: 30(leaping salmon)/45(leaping sturgeon)

  ● Begin Barbarian training (speak to Otto)

Barbarian fishing tools: Heavy Fishing Rod


Hopefully, this fishing osrs guide has been helpful. It will help you get 1-99 fishing as fast as possible. Fishing is a relaxed skill that can be trained AFK while playing quests. If you want to improve your fishing as AFK as possible, it is an excellent idea to swordfish/tuna. Although the experience rates for Infernal and Sacred eels can be meager, they are a great way of making osrs gold while fishing and training AFK.