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OSRS How To Make A Crossbow

Feb-08-2022 PST


Crossbows are weapons that are used in Ranged combat. They require progress in the Ranged Combat skill to equip, and they resemble real-life weapons. You can shoot bolts and fire arrows using Ranged; however, Crossbows are specifically used to fire bolts. The three main variants of Crossbows are; Main Hand, Off-Hand, and Two-handed.

How to make a Crossbow?

First, cut down a tree to obtain logs, and smith a metal bar if you haven’t already. Next, locate a forge and convert the metal bar into a Crossbow Limb. Now, with the help of a knife fletch your logs into a Crossbow Stock. Then, combine both; Crossbow Limb and Stock with a hammer to make an Unstrung Crossbow. Finally, attach a Crossbow String to the Unstrung Crossbow to make a functioning Crossbow.

How to make Crossbow String?

You can kill a cow to obtain Raw Beef, and then locate a range to turn the Raw Beef into Sinew. The Sinew should be used on a Spinning Wheel to run the item into a Crossbow String. The string needs to be attached to the Unstrung Crossbow to make a functioning Crossbow, like blightbound crossbow.

How to make Crossbow Bolts?

First, you need to gather a few Feathers by either killing Chicken or other monsters in OSRS. Next, you need to mine the desired Ore and smelt it into a Metal Bar. Now, convert the Metal Bar into Unfinished Bolts. Finally, attach Feathers to the Unfinished Bolts to make functioning Bolts, and then load them into the Crossbow.


Powerful Crossbows and Bolts require high-level Tree Logs and Ores, respectively. You need your Fletching, Mining, Crafting, and Smithing skills at a higher level to make them. Now that you’re familiar with ‘how to make Crossbows,’ you can start upgrading your equipment to face powerful foes. 

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