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OSRS Items: How To Get Infernal Cape

Jan-07-2022 PST

If you’ve already gotten your OSRS FireCape but are wondering how to get the Infernal Cape, this guide has you covered. As a reminder, you cannot gain an Infernal Cape without first having defeated Jad and gotten your first Fire Cape, it is a requirement and not a recommendation.

The Infernal Cape is the best Melee cape you can get in Old School RuneScape.

The Infernal Cape is one of the most difficult things to get in Old School RuneScape and is at the pinnacle of PvE (player versus environment) and combat gameplay. So, if you’re struggling much more with this than Jad, don’t worry: it’s a natural feeling that many players share in common. You will also need high-budget gear to get your Infernal Cape or you’ll probably really struggle, so ensure that you keep that in mind before trying to get the Infernal Cape yourself.

Completing the Inferno

To get to the Inferno, go to the Fight Caves via the fairy ring code BLP or the minigame teleport. There’s actually an entrance fee: one Fire Cape is required, as aforementioned, it is a requirement to get an Infernal Cape. You simply hand a Fire Cape to TzHaar-Ket-Keh. You only have to do this once: even on your 20th attempt, you don’t have to pay anything again. Although you will need to acquire another Fire Cape, it’s not difficult to do so if you’ve already beaten Jad once. And if you can’t somewhat consistently beat Jad, you probably aren’t yet ready to do the Inferno, because you’ll actually finish three Jads during one wave of the fight.

Once you’re doing the Inferno, remember there are many waves. Only on wave 69 will you get to face the boss: Zuk. Do not underestimate these waves: some waves before the final boss will be very difficult.

Facing Zuk and defeating him requires some practice. Some general tips include using the shield and following it. When Zuk summons minions, they will attack your shield: ensure you deal with them. Otherwise, they will heal Zuk and destroy your shield, which will mean that you will receive a lot of damage. There are some safe spots near some walls.

Prayer flicking can be the best technique to keep in mind. If you turn on Prayer slightly before you are attacked, you will negate all damage, as long as you select the correct Prayer. Then, immediately after the attack, deactivate the Prayer. If done quickly enough, you will not be deducted any Prayer points, or rarely when you’re a few ticks too slow. The idea is that since the Inferno has over 60 waves, you need to conserve your supplies for the last wave, so Prayer flicking can be immensely useful.

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