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OSRS Lost City Quest Guide

Nov-23-2021 PST


The following quest relates to the fairyland called Zanaris. There is a group of adventurers who have set their camp in the Lumbridge Swamp, claiming that they have been searching for the ‘Lost City.’ Therefore, you must find the truth behind this claim while gaining access to the moon of Gielinor, which is the fairyland Zanaris.

Quest Requirements

You need to have 31 Crafting and 36 Woodcutting to progress in the quest. Besides that, you are required to have the following items during your excursion; a Knife and a Woodcutting Axe. Similarly, there are a few recommended items, such as Food, Prayer Potions (For the Entrana Dungeon), Ring of Recoils (If you are using Melee), 39 Magic to cast Crumble Undead spell against Zombies and the Tree Spirit, Celastrus Bark to fletch a Battle Staff, Fast traveling means to the Lumbridge Swamp, and Arrows, Bow String, and an Unstrung Bow to use as an alternative to Magic against the Zombies. You also need a sufficient combat level and items to defeat Multiple Zombies of level 25 and a Tree Spirit of level 101.


To start this quest, you must make your way into the Lumbridge Swamp by either walking or teleporting to Draynor Village and heading southeast. You need to precisely go to the northwest corner of the swamp to find an Archer, Wizard, Warrior, and Monk, who will be standing nearby a campfire. Speak to the warrior and ask him about why they are camped out here to know that they are searching for the Lost City of Zanaris. Now, ask him about Zanaris, followed by how they are planning to find it. He’ll tell you that they’re not sure about that while revealing that a nearby leprechaun knows how to enter the city.

Take a few steps towards the northwest direction to come across a tree that has the option Chop written on it, rather than Chop Down. Click on it to trigger the appearance of a Leprechaun named Shamus. Click on the ‘How does it fit in a shed then?’ option on the dialogue box to know that you will need a Dramen Staff made from a Dramen Tree Branch. The branch is obtained from a Dramen Tree which can be found beneath Entrana.

The Monks of Entrana don’t allow armor or weapons on the island; however, you are allowed to take the following items – Items to make armor (Needle, Thread, Dragonhide, and/or Leather), Clothing (H.A.M Robes and Graceful Outfit), Celastrus Bark (To make the Battle Staff), Knife & Logs (or an Unstrung Bow), Arrows, Potions, Food, Runes, God Books, Jewelry, and Unholy Blessing Scrolls.

Once you’re stacked on the items you need, head to Port Sarim, and south of the Rusty Anchor Inn you will come across the Monks of Entrana. If you have a Woodcutting Axe on you, then deposit it in your bank via the nearby bank deposit box. Take the Boat to Entrana after that and then head east, followed by north over the bridge and finally west. You will find a Cave Monk next to the dungeon entrance. Also, make sure that you haven’t crafted a Bow or the Battle Staff before climbing down, or you will be kicked off the island.

If you aren’t safe spotting, it’s suggested that you bring along a Prayer Pot to counteract the effect because your prayer is reduced to nearly zero as you enter the dungeon. Anyhow, climb down and kill zombies until one of them drops a Bronze Axe. You can always use the safe spot by the Mushrooms (against the west wall), and there’s another in the southern part. If you are planning to use Crumble Undead against them, make sure that you save a few runes for the Tree Spirit later (20-30 casts). Once you obtain an Axe, continue the road down south till you come across a few Greater Demons with a small cave to the south. Run south past them and chop the Dramen Tree within the cave.

That’s when you will trigger the appearance of the Tree Spirit (level 101). You can easily safe-spot it by running all the way to the north, and then back south behind the Mushrooms. Make sure you have enough arrows to utilize Ranged, along with the material to fletch your own bow and armor. You can also choose Melee the Tree Spirit, but since it hits 11s, it’s not recommended if you have a low combat level. The best option is to utilize Magic with the safe spot behind the Fungi (South of the tree).

You can also indirectly damage the Tree Spirit with the assistance of a Ring of Recoil. You simply have to deal 1 damage for the kill to be counted as your own. Another alternative way is to cut the branch from the south side of the tree, which will then trigger the Tree Spirit to spawn on the other side, and from there, you can utilize Magic to defeat it.

Once the monster has been defeated, cut the tree again to obtain a Dramen Branch. Use a knife on the branch to fletch a Dramen Staff. Now, teleport out of the dungeon and make your way to the Tool Shed which is located in the center of the Lumbridge Swamp (Northwest of the swamp’s mining area). Finally, wield the Dramen Staff and enter the shed to reach the Lost City of Zanaris.

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