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OSRS Nightmare Zone Guide

Apr-15-2022 PST


A combat-based minigame that is located just northwest of the Yanille bank. The minigame is run by the NPC called Dominic Onion. In this minigame, players have to enter a dream and fight against bosses that they have already defeated during quests.

How to get there?

You can use the minigame teleport and choose the option Nightmare Zone. You can cast the Watchtower teleport or simply just a tablet and run east. Although you would need to have completed the quest Watchtower to use the teleport. Teleport to POH or a tablet can also be used if your house is located in Yanille. You can use the fairy ring (c*l*s) and walk northwest to where it’s located.

You can use a ring of dueling to get to castle wars, and then walk your way to Yanille. Spirit tree can also be of help to teleport you to the Tree Gnome Village, where you can then make your way to the location. Lastly, Ardougne Cloak 1 can be used to get to the Monastery and then get to the location by heading south.

Nightmare Zone Modes

Practice Mode

In this mode, a boss that you’ve already defeated will be selected for a 1 Vs 1 battle until one of you falls. You will not be able to gain any experience or any nightmare zone points for defeating the boss and it will not be counted as a slayer task. However, the drops will be the same, depending on the boss that you’re up against.

Endurance Mode

In this mode, the player has to fight 1 Vs 1 against bosses in waves until one side falls. Points are earned upon defeating a boss, and if you’ve completed all the waves, you’ll earn up about 216k nightmare zone points in normal difficulty level and about 794k in hard difficulty level.

Rumble Mode

This mode allows players or groups to fight together against multiple bosses at the same time and the order in which they spawn is random. If a player goes solo, he can fight up to 4 bosses at once and if the player goes in a group, the bosses at up to a number that is sufficient for each player to fight against.

Nightmare Zone Difficulty Levels

There are two difficulty levels; Normal, where the bosses are similar to the ones you’ve encountered during quests, and Hard, where the bosses have an increase in their overall stats. However, the defensive bonuses remain the same.


Recurrent Damage adds a buff to the players' hits, which deals ¾ of the initial damage dealt. Zapper damages nearby monsters and deals a maximum of 8 damage for nightmare zone osrs. Power Surge regenerates special attacks by 20% per tick, and also fills up the special attack bar. Lastly, Ultimate Force instantly kills all the bosses that are present in the area.

Reward Shop

You can purchase various resources, imbues, and other rewards from Dominic Onion’s reward shop. You’ll need Nightmare Zone points to purchase the items or perks, which are obtained by partaking in various challenges in your dreams. You can have precisely 2,147,483,647 Nightmare Zone points at a given time.

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