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OSRS Pest Control Guide

Feb-28-2022 PST


OSRS is packed with several activities that you can partake in, with Pest Control being one of them. Pest Control is a combat-based co-op minigame designed specifically for members. Your objective is to defend the Void Knight in the center of the arena, while also destroying portals that constantly spawn monsters.

It was introduced to bring balance to the world, as you need to prevent the monsters from disrupting it. You begin by docking up the lander at the Void Knight Island, which then takes you to another island where the minigame takes place. The lander is divided into three levels, which entirely depend on your combat level.

You won’t be losing any of your items as it’s a safe minigame, so don’t worry too hard to stay alive. If you die, you’ll end up spawning back on the lander, and you’ll also be able to join back the fight. Once the game ends, your Prayer Point, HP, Run Energy, and Spec are restored to full; however, the potions that you’ve consumed in the game, won’t be restocked.


Before you start, you must have at least level 40 in combat, as it’ll give you access to the novice lander. For the intermediate lander, you’ll need 70 levels in combat, and for the veteran lander, you’ll need level 100 in combat.

To receive commendation potions, you need to keep your activity bar alive, which can be done by destroying portals and attacking the enemy mobs. You can also fix barricades and gates to increase the bar, which required you to have a hammer.

Every game consists of 5 to 25 players, and if the count has reached 25, it will instantly begin. However, if the count is between 5 to 25, you’ll have to wait for 2 minutes for it to start. It’s worth noting that you cannot use Alchemy spells or Dwarf Multi-cannons during the game.

Void Knight Outpost

The outpost is accessible from Port Sarim, and you can locate the Pest Control minigame if you head to the southern section of the island. You need to speak to the squire at the port to travel to the Void Knight Outpost. Alternatively, you can use the Minigame Group Finder to quickly travel there.

There are several facilities on the outpost, including a Bank, General Store, and an Anvil. The smith nearby the anvil can be spoken with to fix Barrows’ armor pieces. There’s also an Archery and Magic store with several types of related items. Lastly, there’s a ship that is known as landers, which can be taken to begin the game.


The game is pretty straightforward, and there are two ways in which you can win. The first is to keep the Void Knight alive for 20 minutes (until the game ends), and the second is to destroy every portal before the Void Knight dies. The second method is the most common one because it consumes the least amount of time.

Every portal spawns a variety of mobs known as pests. The portals also have a shield on them, which needs to be deactivated by the Void Knight before you can begin damaging it. The weak points of the portals are based on Ranged, Magic, Crush, or Slash attack styles for osrs pest control.

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