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​OSRS PVP Arena Inside Look

Apr-07-2022 PST


A number of changes took place last year by the OSRS development team. The objective was to reduce the amount of RWT (Real-World Trading) and Scamming taking place. They were actually short-term measures that were held until the real replacement was introduced.

Also known as the Emir’s Arena, the PVP Arena grants players the opportunity to fight against each other in a controlled space. The matches are held in a 'save' world against players who have similar skills. You, as a player, can visit the place to find a fight for yourself.


Just next to the Clan Chat, Group Iron, and Chat-Channel interface, you can find the Grouping panel, which was initially introduced in 2014 for players to group together and play minigames. It offers access to a set of channels where you can seek other players with similar interests. Now, an additional PVP Arena button has been added to it.

You can click on the button to open the PVP Arena interface, which will then replace the Grouping side panel. After that, you can click on the Find button to look for a PVP Arena group, where you can register to enter in a 1 Vs 1 battle or a 1 Vs 1 tournament. Once the match is ready to begin, you’ll be notified and asked to swap to the alternative save the world.


Since the fights take place in a save game world, your standard character profile is left behind (levels and items). You have to adapt to the playstyle and master the different builds to succeed. You’ll be asked to use one of the following builds, which changes on a weekly basis.

A Max or Med build with 75 Attack, 99 Strength, 70 Defence, 99 Hit Points, 99 Ranged, 99 Magic, and 77 Prayer. A Zerker build with 60 Attack, 99 Strength, 45 Defence, 99 Hit Points, 99 Ranged, 99 Magic, and 55 Prayer. Or, a Pure build with 60 Attack, 90 Strength, 1 Defence, 99 Hit Points, 99 Ranged, 99 Magic, and 77 Prayer.


Along with mastering the different builds, you’ll also need to select the items that you’ll be using during the battle. The tab for your equipment will appear when you join a PVP Arena match. This equipment tab can be accessed to select the items that you prefer fighting with. There are about 400 items to choose from, and you can only equip the items that are suitable for your stats.

Rank & Reward Points

Once the fight ends, you’ll be swapped back to the original world, and if you were successful in defeating the other player, you’ll get Rewards and Rank Points. Rank Points determine your rank and Reward Points allow you to purchase unique items from the PVP Arena store. It’s also worth noting that you can lose your Rank by losing a match, which is a similar mechanics to the Burthorpe Games Room.

1 Vs 1 Tournament

In a 1 Vs 1 Tournament, sixteen players are divided to form eight 1 Vs 1 battles. The eight winners from the first round are then divided to form four 1 Vs 1 battles, followed by two 1 Vs 1 battle with the four second-round winners. Finally, the two remaining winners fight against each other for victory. You’ll be rewarded with Rank and Reward points, depending on where you place.

1 Vs 1 Ranked Duel

If you want to battle without commitment to a tournament, then you can approach the Ranked Duels. These are one-off fights where you’ll automatically be placed with an opponent of the same or similar rank. Similar to 1 Vs 1 Tournament rights, Ranked Duels also grant Reward and Rank points.

1 Vs 1 Unranked Duel

Unranked Duels allow you to choose the opponent you wish to fight against. As the name suggests, you won’t gain any rewards from these fights. However, it is a great method to try the different builds and items, or simply practice before heading out to the tournament.


Ornament Kits, including Dragon Claws Ornament Kit, Dragon Warhammer Ornament Kit, Heavy Ballista Ornament Kit, Armadyl Ornament Kit, Bandos Ornament Kit, Elder Chaos Robes Ornament Kit, Dagon’hai Robes Ornament Kit, and Elder Maul Ornament Kit.

New Blighted Sacks, including Blighted Wave Sack and Blighted Surge Sack. Imbue Scrolls that allow you to imbue items like Black Mask, Slave Amulet, Slave Amulet (e), Seers Ring, Archers Ring, Warrior Ring, Berserker Ring, Ring of the Gods, Tyrannical Ring, Treasonous Ring, Ring of Suffering, Granite Ring, Slayer Helmet, and Wristbands of the Arena.

Other Items

Wristbands of the Arena are untradeable alternatives to Barrows Gloves. The stats are identical, making them a useful item for players who entirely focus on PVP. Centurion Cuirass is an untradeable alternative to the Fighter Torso; however, the defensive stats are slightly higher, with the rest of the stats being identical.

Calamity Armor Set is an untradeable PVP alternative to the Void Armor Set. The boosts and bonuses are identical to Void, and it also pairs with three interchangeable helms for its set effects.

The three helms are called Maoma’s Headgear, Koriff’s Headgear, and Saika’s Headgear, which can be used alongside the Calamity Armor to activate the benefits of Melee, Ranged, and Magic, respectively.

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