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OSRS Quest List And Something Need To Know

Jan-14-2022 PST

Old School RuneScape has a vast array of quests available within the game. There’s a clear separation between Free-to-Play and Members’ quests(Do you want a membership, you can visit the RSorder Runescape Membership page to buy it!), meaning that not all quests are available to all players.

There are actually only 22 quests that are available if you’re a free-to-play player, and they reward in total, 44 quest points. To get a Quest Cape, you actually have to complete every quest within the game, including the new ones as they come out.

If you’re a Member, there are 128 quests that are additionally available to you, with an extra 240 Quest Points available for grab.

Generally, completing quests is well worth it, even for the sake of it. Many people enjoy the lore, although it is time-consuming to go through, and without a quest guide, most people could spend years trying to solve all quests manually as there are tricky puzzles that don’t have many hints. And quests involve a lot of traveling and bosses that without knowing a strategy on how to defeat could cause you to lose your items.

As a new or intermediate player, quests will reward more experience than you can gain from manually training them with early-game methods. For example, if you’ve never done Runecrafting before but a 30-minute quest rewards 20,000 Runecrafting experience, you simply won’t make the equivalent of that from training when you’re level 1 in that skill within 30 minutes. Additionally, certain quests like Dragon Slayer 2 require 200 quest points and Barrows Gloves require 130 Quest Points, so even just collecting Quest Points (without unlocking other quests) is worth it.

The Quest List can be quite complicated to navigate. The thing with quests within the game is that certain quests require other quests, but it’s actually a chain because to complete those other quests, it may require you to complete a totally different set of quests before those are required quests that are listed out. That’s something worth keeping in mind when you’re evaluating quests, and there’s no easy solution to map things out fully, as the prerequisite quests don’t simply require you to complete those quests, you also have to meet skill requirements for those prerequisite quests to even try to complete them.

As a final tip, we recommend that you make good usage of the Official Difficulty and Official Length provided for each quest. Particularly the latter can be extremely useful when figuring out how long a quest will take if you’d like to do one in a short time period before you log off!

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