OSRS Raiments of the Eye Overview

May-22-2022 PST


Raiments of the Eye are Rune Crafting robes that grant 10% additional Runes when equipped. It offers a 20% set bonus that increases up to a total of 60% if you’ve worn the complete outfit. Another benefit is that you can attune the hat to an Imbued Tiara to function as one.

The outfit can be bought for 1350 Abyssal Pearls from the Guardians of the Rift reward shop. This means that you’ll have to play about 280 matches of Guardians of the Rift and perform 700 searches.

The outfit consists of a Hat, Boots, Robe Top, and Robe Bottom. You can also have the pieces recolored by utilizing different Abyssal Dyes (apart from the boots). The dyes can be obtained in the form of a rare reward from the Rewards Guardian.

According to your preference, you can store the entire set and its colored variants in a Magic Wardrobe of your POH costume room (Player-Owned House).


When you have the entire outfit equipped, you’ll be granted 1.6x more Runes than what you normally craft with essences. Also, if the quantity that you hold does not divide easily into 6, then there’s a good chance of getting six additional runes subjected to the remainder.

For instance, if you can normally craft 28 runes at a given time, the 60% additional bonus would give you a total of 44.8 runes. This means you’ll get 45 runes, with a random chance to receive 50 instead.

Impact on Achievement Diary

With the formula shown in the picture, you can determine the Rune Multiplier required to complete a specific Achievement Diary task (while wearing the complete outfit). You need to replace the ‘X’ with the number of runes required for the task, and the ‘Y’ with the number of runes you need to craft.

It implies that you cannot bypass the tasks to craft double the runes using the outfit. The number of runes would be 35, while the Rune Multiplier displays 1.25, which can be rounded up to 2.

Here are the following tasks that can be beneficial for you:

•Hard Falador Achievement Diary – Craft 140 Mind Runes – Level 56 (Normal) – Level 42 (Raiments of the Eye).

•Elite Lumbridge & Draynor Achievement Diary – Craft 140 Water Runes – Level 76 (Normal) – Level 57 (Raiments of the Eye).

•Elite Varrock Achievement Diary – Craft 100 Earth Runes – Level 78 (Normal) – Level 52 (Raiments of the Eye).

•Elite Falador Achievement Diary – Craft 252 Air Runes – Level 88 (Normal) – Level 55 (Raiments of the Eye).

•The outfit won’t help reduce the Rune Crafting level for the Diary Cape (91 for Elite Karamja Diary).


There are four variants of the Raiments of the Eye outfit; Normal, Red, Green, and Blue. All but the normal variant requires an Abyssal Dye to re-color. Besides that, the Hat of the Eye costs 400 Abyssal Pearls, Robe Top of the Eye costs 350 Abyssal Pears, Robe Bottom of the Eye costs 350 Abyssal Pearls, and Boots of the Eye costs 250 Abyssal Pearl.

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