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​OSRS Rewards Guardian

May-17-2022 PST


Also known as a Rift Guardian, Rewards Guardian can be found outside the Temple of the Eye. You can search its rift to obtain rewards after completing matches of Guardians of the Rift.

You need an elemental and catalytic point to search the Rewards Guardian. You are given a point for every hundred energies gained at the end of the game. There are also chances of rounding up, for instance, 70 catalytic energies will grant you a 73% chance to receive a point.

The game chat will let you know how many points every player has earned, while also displaying their total points. You can also view your total points and the total number of times you’ve searched the guardian via the ‘Check’ option on the Rewards Guardian.

The rewards from the rift range from Runes and Talismans to various unique rewards. You can also obtain Abyssal Pearls from the Guardians of the Rift minigame. These pearls are used to purchase different OSRS items like Raiments of the Eye and Ring of the Elements from the Temple Supplies shop.

The avg. number of pearls per search is 2.14, which means that you need about 631 searches to obtain the complete set of Raiments of the Eye.



Unique rewards consist of Abyssal Pearls (1/7 Rarity), Intricate Pouch (1/25 Rarity), Atlax’s Diary (1/40 Rarity), Elemental Talisman (1/200 Rarity), Catalytic Talisman (1/200 Rarity), Abyssal Needle (1/300 Rarity), Abyssal Lantern (1/700 Rarity), Abyssal Red Dye (1/1,200 Rarity), Abyssal Green Dye (1/1,200 Rarity), Abyssal Blue Dye (1/1,200 Rarity), and Abyssal Protector (1/4,000 Rarity).


Rune rewards consist of Chaos Rune (61 to 150), Cosmic Rune (20 to 30), Nature Rune (28 to 150), Law Rune (9 to 120), Death Rune (5 to 120), Blood Rune (5 to 120), Air Rune (400 to 500), Water Rune (400 to 500), Earth Rune (400 to 500), Fire Rune (400 to 500), Mind Rune (250 to 400), and Body Rune (80 to 150).


Talisman rewards consist of Air Talisman (1/70 Rarity), Water Talisman (1/70 Rarity), Earth Talisman (1/70 Rarity), Fire Talisman (1/70 Rarity), Mind Talisman (1/70 Rarity), Body Talisman (1/70 Rarity), Chaos Talisman (1/70 Rarity), Cosmic Talisman (1/70 Rarity), Nature Talisman (1/70 Rarity), Law Talisman (1/300 Rarity), and Death Talisman (1/3000 Rarity).

If you haven’t completed Troll Stronghold and Mourning’s End Part 2 quests, then the reward drop for Law and Death Talismans will be replaced with Nature Talisman, respectively.


Besides the unique rewards, runes, and talismans, there’s a 1 in 120 chance to receive a Needle, and a 1 in 150 chance to receive Abyssal Ashes. They cost about 41 and 1,921 OSRS GP in price.