OSRS Skippy and the Mogres Mini-Quest Guide

Jul-21-2022 PST

In the following OSRS mini quest, you’ll have to help a drunken man who is haunted by the curse of the Mogres. You’ll also be taught how to fight them.

Skill Requirements

• 20 Cooking

Items Required

• Bucket of Water

• Nettle Tea (Nettle-Water, Bowl of Water, Nettles, Gloves)

• Chocolate Dust (Chocolate, Knife/Pestle & Mortar)

• Bucket of Milk

• Snape Grass


• Fishing Explosives and 32 Slayer (if you wish to slay Mogres after the quest).


To start the quest, you need to head southeast of Rimmington and locate a drunken man who goes by the name of Skippy near the shores. He’ll be shouting at the sea, and as you attempt to speak to him, he’ll ramble on mindlessly.

Since a sober man usually makes more sense, you need to pour a bucket of water over his head. It’s basically a well-known cure for drunk individuals (tip).

After sobering up, he’ll be somewhat annoyed for what you did and ask you for a Nettle Tea to warm himself. If you don’t already have the tea made, add Nettles to a Bowl of Water, and then boil it on fire to get the desired item.

You can find Nettles south of the Draynor Village Jail; however, you’ll need to have gloves equipped to gather them. There’s a Leather Glove spawn nearby the Nettles area. And for boiling the water, you can use the range in Skippy’s house.

Once you have the Nettle Tea, use it on Skippy to pour it over him, which then makes him realize that he has a bad hangover and needs a cure.

You can make it by grinding Chocolate with a Knife or Pestle & Mortar to make Chocolate Dust. The dust then needs to be added to a Bucket of Milk to make Chocolate Milk. Finally, use Snape Grass on it to get the resulting product.

Now, use the Hangover Cure on him. He’ll then explain how he got attacked by Mogres, and he’ll also teach you a trick to chase them out of the water. In other words, luring them with Fishing Explosives.


­- At the end of the quest, you’ll have the ability to slay Mogres with level 32 Slayer.

- The quest is also a requirement for completing Rag & Bone Man 2 and Medium Falador Diary.

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