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OSRS: The 10 Bosses to Start Your PvM Journey With

Jul-02-2024 PST

I've been diving deep into PvM (Player versus Monster) content. Today is no exception. We're taking it up a notch with a more advanced guide. Whether you're aiming for the Normal and Challenge Mode Chambers, the Theatre of Blood, the Expert Tombs of Amascut, The Inferno, or the upcoming Forinthry Colosseum, this article has got you covered.


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Preparing for High-Level PvM: The Hallowed Sepulchre


Let's kick things off with something a bit unconventional: a skilling activity, the Hallowed Sepulchre. Don't click away just yet—there's a good reason we're starting here. In a previous article, we discussed the tick system and movement in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Mastering movement and positioning is crucial for becoming a better player. The Hallowed Sepulchre is an excellent training ground for this.


At first, Floors 1 and 2 might seem boring, especially if you're grinding for 99 Agility, the pet, or a Ring of Endurance. However, things get intense towards the end of Floor 3 and throughout Floors 4 and 5. High-efficiency runs here will turn you into a movement master, which is essential for high-level PvM encounters.


Recommended Bosses to Hone Your Skills


Now, let's dive into the bosses. I've ranked them in order of difficulty, starting with those that will help you improve various skills needed for high-level PvM.


1. Vorkath


Vorkath is a staple in many money-making guides, but it's also a great boss for honing your skills. Gear starts to matter here, so if you're not an Ironman, consider using a Dragon Hunter Lance or Dragon Hunter Crossbow. The acid walk and big fireball mechanics are particularly punishing if you make mistakes. The acid phase requires precise movements, conditioning you to think in ticks. The big fireball demands you move two tiles away to avoid instant death. Mastering Vorkath will improve your reaction times and tick-perfect movements.


2. The Phantom Muspah


The Phantom Muspah, the final boss of Secrets of the North, is tougher than Vorkath. You'll need to switch between attack styles quickly and react to various phases. The ranged phase requires fast reactions to avoid magic attacks, and the fight overall will train you to use audio cues for special attacks. The step-back method for avoiding melee damage is crucial here. Learning to pray flick between ranged, smite, and magic will help you get through the shield phase quickly.


3. Alchemical Hydra


The Alchemical Hydra is another boss that demands high skill. Each phase requires specific gear and prayers, and you'll need to switch between them flawlessly. The poison phase will test your ability to manage multiple mechanics simultaneously. The lightning phase requires precise movement to avoid damage, while the flame phase demands quick reactions to extinguish the fires. The Hydra's enrage phase is particularly challenging, requiring you to juggle multiple mechanics at once.


4. Theatre of Blood


The Theatre of Blood (ToB) is a significant step up in difficulty. This raid features multiple bosses, each with unique mechanics. The Nylocas room will test your ability to manage waves of enemies and switch between attack styles quickly. The Verzik Vitur fight requires precise movement to avoid her attacks and manage the pillars. Mastering ToB will significantly improve your overall PvM skills, as it demands excellent teamwork, communication, and individual skills.


5. The Gauntlet (Regular and Corrupted)


The Gauntlet, especially its corrupted variant, is an excellent training ground for resource management and mechanics. You have 7 minutes and 30 seconds to gather resources, make weapons, and prepare for the final boss, the Hunllef. This boss requires precise movements to avoid tornadoes and dangerous tiles. The corrupted Gauntlet is even more challenging, demanding fast reactions and efficient resource management. Mastering this content will prepare you for even more difficult encounters.


6. Nex


Nex is a formidable opponent, requiring high-level gear and precise mechanics. Each phase of the fight introduces new mechanics, from ice prisons to shadow attacks. You'll need to manage your prayers and movements carefully to avoid damage. Nex's final phase is particularly challenging, requiring you to avoid multiple attacks simultaneously. Mastering Nex will test your endurance and ability to manage multiple mechanics at once.


7. The Nightmare of Ashihama


The Nightmare of Ashihama is one of the most intricate bosses in the game, with numerous mechanics to juggle. Each phase introduces new attacks, requiring precise movements and prayer switches. The final phase, where you must kill sleepwalkers to avoid heavy damage, is particularly punishing. Mastering the Nightmare will significantly improve your overall PvM skills, as it requires excellent timing, coordination, and reaction times.




Mastering these bosses will prepare you for the most challenging PvM encounters in OSRS. Whether you're aiming for solo or group content, these encounters will hone your skills and improve your reaction times, movement, and overall gameplay. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don't get discouraged if you struggle at first. With time and dedication, you'll become a high-level PvM expert.


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