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OSRS The Enchanted Key Guide

Jul-11-2022 PST


A mini-quest in which you have to find treasures hidden throughout OSRS. The hidden treasure can only be opened through an Enchanted Key.

Quest Required

  • Making History

Items Required

  • Enchanted Key (you can remove it from your Steel Key Ring if you previously placed it there).

  • Spade

Recommended Items

  • Weight-Reducing Clothing

  • Stamina/Energy Potions

  • Fast travel teleportation means to Rellekka, Ardougne, Tree Gnome Stronghold, North & South Falador, Varrock, Mudskipper Point, Lumbridge Swamp, and Al-Kharid.

Staring Off

You can start the quest by getting your Enchanted Key. You need to make sure that you have completed the quest ‘Making History,’ or else, when you inspect the key to knowing whether you’re ‘hot or cold’ from the treasure, the key will say “You already have the journal,” instead.

In three of the many sites, you’ll also find the following God Spears – Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak Mjolnirs. It’s worth noting that this is the only way to obtain these spears (other than trading another player).

Reading the Temperature

The enchanted key changes its Feeling or Temperate as the players move about. The temperature is based on the distance of the hidden treasure from the player, and it is measured by the number of steps to reach it.

So, the warmer the key gets, the closer you are to the treasure. You can click the ‘Feel Enchanted Key’ option to get the information. It is quite similar to playing the game of Hot & Cold.

Part #1

Below, you can see the eight possible temperate readings based on the distance of the treasure from the player.

  • If it’s more than 1,000 squares: It’s freezing.

  • If it’s between 701 to 1,000 squares: It’s very cold.

  • If it’s between 401 to 700 squares: It’s cold.

  • If it’s between 101 to 400 squares: It’s warm.

  • If it’s between 61 to 100 squares: It’s hot.

  • If it’s between 31 to 60 squares: It’s very hot.

  • If it’s between 5 to 30 squares: Ouch! It’s burning hot.

  • If it’s up to 4 squares: The key is steaming.

When the last message, “The key is steaming” appears; it means that you can use your Spade to dig up the treasure. You may dig in a 9 by 9 square region to obtain it.

Part #2

If you’ve already felt the key since the last logging on or locating the hidden treasure, the reading will now contain a second part that indicates whether it’s warmer, colder, or the same as the last reading.

This shows whether the distance to the hidden treasure has increased, decreased, or is the same. For instance, Warmer than last time means that you’re getting closer than before. Colder than last time means that you’re getting farther away than before. The same temperature as last time means that you are the same distance away.

You can move one square tile in every direction while taking temperature readings of every step. This will help you know which direction you have to take.

Treasure Locations

  • South of Rellekka (13 Degrees, 56 Minutes north|8 Degrees, 43 Minutes east). Loot: 20 steel arrows, 10 mithril ores, 15 law runes.

  • South of Ardougne (2 Degrees, 28 Minutes north|5 Degrees, 24 Minutes east). Loot: 36 pure essences, 15 iron ores, 30 fire runes.

  • North of West Ardougne or South of Gnome Stronghold (6 Degrees, 54 Minutes North|0 Degrees, 45 Minutes West). Loot: 40 pure essences, 20 iron arrow tips, 20 fire runes.

  • Gnome Stronghold (8 Degrees, 54 Minutes north|0 Degrees, 15 Minutes east). Loot: 39 pure essences, 20 iron arrow tips, 30 water runes.

  • Body Altar (8 Degrees, 33 Minutes north|18 Degrees, 30 Minutes east). Loot: 10 mithril ores, 15 iron ores, 45 earth runes.

  • Falador (4 Degrees, 20 Minutes north|16 Degrees, 31 Minutes east). Loot: 15 earth runes, 20 iron arrows, Saradomin Mjolnir.

  • Mudskipper Point (0 Degrees, 5 Minutes south|17 Degrees, 58 Minutes east). Loot: 15 iron ores, 20 mithril arrows, 15 death runes.

  • Lumbridge Swamp (0 Degrees, 28 Minutes north|22 Degrees, 24 Minutes east). Loot: 29 pure essences, 20 mind runes, 20 steel arrows.

  • Al-Kharid (2 Degrees, 35 Minutes north|26 Degrees, 56 Minutes east). Loot: 40 pure essences, 10 mithril ores, Zamorak Mjolnir.

  • Southeast Varrock Mine (5 Degrees, 33 Minutes north|26 Degrees, 54 Minutes east). Loot: 40 pure essences, 15 iron ores, Guthix Mjolnir.

  • Grand Exchange (10 Degrees, 18 Minutes north|22 Degrees, 26 Minutes east). Loot: 39 pure essences, 10 mithril arrows, 15 law runes.


God Spears: Saradomin mjolnir, Guthix mjolnir, and Zamorak mjolnir. Ores: 60 iron ores, and 30 mithril ores. Runes & essence: 263 pure essences, 20 mind runes, 60 earth runes, 50 fire runes, 30 water runes, 30 law runes, and 15 death runes. Arrows & arrow tips: 20 iron arrows, 40 steel arrows, 30 mithril arrows, and 40 iron arrow tips.

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