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​OSRS The Fremennik Exiles Quest Guide

May-31-2022 PST


The brads of Fremennik often sing tales of great battles and heroes who are long gone. However, things have been much quieter now and the singing has lessened.

Being a part of the Fremennik quest series, you will have to assist ‘Brundt the Chieftain’ to investigate a simple situation. But this discovery leads to your exile from Rellekka. You need to then help him regain the council’s trust and save the province from an ancient foe.

Skill Requirements

  • 65 Crafting

  • 60 Smithing

  • 60 Slayer

  • 60 Fishing

  • 55 Rune Crafting

Quest Requirements

  • The Fremennik Isles

  • The Fremennik Trials

  • Lunar Diplomacy

  • The Fremennik Trials

  • Lost City

  • Rune Mysteries

  • Shilo Village

  • Jungle Potion

  • Druidic Ritual

  • Mountain Daughter

  • Heroes' Quest

  • Dragon Slayer I

  • Lost City

  • Merlin's Crystal

  • Shield of Arrav

Items Required

  • Combat Equipment

  • Mirror Shield

  • Kegs of Beer x2

  • Molten Glass x1

  • Astral Runes x100

  • Pet Rock

  • Fishing/Fly Fishing Rod

  • Fremennik Shield (& Rune Thrown Axes to get to Bardur in the Waterbirth Dungeon)

  • Ice Gloves

  • Hammer

  • Glass Blowing Pipe

  • Pickaxe

  • Seal of Passage (If you haven’t completed Fremennik Diaries Elite)

Recommended Items

  • Stamina Potions

  • Moonclan Teleportation Tabs

  • Food

  • Enchanted Lyre/Fremennik Sea Boots/Any other means to return to Rellekka

Enough combat level to defeat a level 53 Basilisk Youngling, level 61 Basilisk, level 135 Monstrous Basilisk, level 218 Typhor, and level 363 Jormungand.

To begin this quest, you need to first speak to Brundt the Chieftain, who is located at the Rellekka Longhall. Speak to him, and he’ll request you to investigate a disturbance that has occurred at a nearby sandpit.

Head north from there to reach the sandpit and speak to the NPC named Freygerd. She will inform you about the events that occurred the previous night, and how she got spooked by a pair of red eyes outside her window.

Now go outside to investigate. Start by searching the rockslide, west of Freygerd’s house, and you’ll obtain a venomous fang. Next, search the boxes outside the house to obtain a venom gland. Finally, search the sandpit, and a level 57 Basilisk Youngling will jump out to attack you. The monster will consistently damage you and drain your prayer, which is unless you have a mirror shield on you.

Once the monster is defeated, pick up the drop to obtain an unsealed letter. Read it to know that there’s an invasion of basilisks approaching, as well as the re-emergence of The Jormungand. Head back to Freygerd and choose to either tell her the truth or lie about the information. Now, go back to Brundt the Chieftain.

The Chieftain will be horrified by the news, and he’ll reveal the history of how Jormungand enslaved the people of Fremennik Province. The monster is also known as the Serpent King, who was the leader of the Basilisk army. He, along with his generals, Vritra, Typhor, and Bakuna brought terror on the Fremennik lands. Freedom was only restored when the hero named V sealed Jormungand on the Island of Stone.

After the story, the Chieftain will begin to panic because of the invasion, and you will reassure him and start to plan a strategy for countermeasures. Now, a cutscene will begin where the council member named Agnar makes an entrance and starts inquiring about the recently found Basilisk. Brundt informs that the situation will be resolved soon.

Agnar will now start to blame you for bringing the disaster upon the city since The Fremennik Trials (because you’re an outlander). He will refuse to acknowledge you as one of them and declare a vote with the other council members to exile you. Brundt will disagree with it but his loyalty is pledged to the council, so he’ll do it himself while gesturing towards the south-east direction.

Since you’re no longer a citizen of Rellekka, if you attempt to interact with anyone, you’ll be given a hostile warning (similar to how it was before the completion of The Fremennik Trials). But you can still access and travel using the boat from Rellekka port.

From the southern entrance, leave Rellekka and head south-east. You will locate Brundt the Chieftain nearby, where he’ll apologize for what happened and explain the reason behind your exile. He will ask you to forgive the council on his behalf as they were acting that way due to the ‘End of Things’ prophecy. The prophecy was foretold to start once Jormungand was freed. At the end of the conversation, Brundt will ask you to restore hero V’s shield to regain the council’s trust’.

He will also tell you that you need four components to recreate the shield and that it was made with the help of the Moon Clan, as the shield could reflect Jormungand’s dreadful gaze.

Fremennik Shield can be obtained as a drop from Dagannoths located in the Waterbirth Dungeon, or you can alternatively kill Market Guards, but the drop rate is quite rare. There’s another way that requires no killing – you can locate Bardur within the Waterbirth Dungeon and buy it from him for 150,000 OSRS Gold, or get it for free by charming him while wearing a Ring of Charos (a). You can get to the dungeon by taking Jarvald’s boat (even though you have been exiled).

Once you have the shield, head to Lunar Isle and speak to Baba Yaga about making Lunar Glass. She will need a Molten Glass to turn it into Molten Glass (I), which needs to be taken to the Astral Altar along with 100 Astral Runes to form Lunar Glass. Before you head to the altar, enter the mines northeast of the city to mine 3 Lunar Ores (Stalagmites). These will be required to make V’s Shield.

Head back to Rellekka once you’re done, and locate a furnace & anvil southwest of the city. Smelt the 3 Lunar Ores there, and then use the bars to create V Sigil. Now head southwest of Rellekka to interact with a strange altar and summon the NPC named Fossegrimen. She’s the person who will enchant the sigil for you.

For the Polishing Rock, Brundt will suggest that you submerge a rock in the hot springs located in the mountains just east of Rellekka (You don’t have to speak to Brundt. It’s optional). Head to the Mountain Camp with your Pet Rock and try to put it into the geyser, south of the lake and next to the climbable tree. You won’t be able to submerge it because of the fond memories with the Pet Rock, so you need to ask Peer the Seer to wipe its memory entirely.

Go back to Rellekke, locate Peer the Seer, and he’ll do it for you. Now, back to the Mountain Camp with your Pet Rock, Fishing Rod, and Ice Gloves. Equip the gloves, put the rock in the large geyser and retrieve it again with the help of your Fishing Rod to get a Polishing Rock.

Now that you have all the four components and a Glassblowing Pipe, you can recreate V’s Shield by using V Sigil on the Fremennik Shield. Visit Brundt once again (south-east of Rellekka), who will be amazed by your craftsmanship. He’ll ask you to wield V’s Shield in the upcoming battle, and he’ll also return to Rellekka to end your exile.

However, before he returns, he will ask you to bring two Kegs of Beer by purchasing them from Rasolo or the Grand Exchange. Give them to Brundt as he needs the courage to declare the end of your exile. Right before he drinks the second keg, he will ask you to return to the Longhall.

Head back and speak to Brundt again, who has now sobered up. He will tell you that the Council has approved the end of your exile because of the success in recreating V’s Shield. He will also tell you what when the Basilisks invade the town, you and he will travel to the Island of Stone to ensure that the dreadful Jormungand remained sealed. But as you ask about when you’ll be leaving, the Basilisks will invade the marketplace.

You have to wield V’s Shield and fight the Basilisks until the bar reached a 100%. You need to hit a Basilisk at least once to count its death towards completion. Monstrous Basilisks will count as 10%, and normal Basilisks will count as 3.33% towards completion. Once you have reached the desired percentage, Brundt will direct you to the north-western Fremennik Boat. So, board it to reach the Island of Stone. You can freely travel back and forth by speaking to Haskell.

Upon reaching, you will notice that Jormungand’s poison has already breached the seal, and the entrance has been covered again by the Basilisks. You need to solve a puzzle now which uses six rune symbols (air, water, earth, fire, astral, and cosmic).

A green check means that one of the runes is perfect. Red check means one of the runes is correct but in the wrong position. Besides that, if you fail to solve the puzzle in eight tries, then it will reset and the solution will change. And, a rune can appear more than one time in a single solution.

After solving the puzzle, the door will open, which is also the checkpoint, and you won’t have to solve it again. You will now see Typhor, Vritra, and Bakuna attempting to awaken their king. Brundt will focus on Vritra, while you fight Typhor, who attacks with either melee or magic, so make sure that you have protection payer set on magic in the entire fight as the melee damage can be sustained with a good defence armour.

Regardless of what you do, Jormungand will still awaken and consume Bakuna to restore its strength. It primarily attacks with magic, so keep Protect from Magic on to reduce the damage. The mechanics are quite simple, and the boss is slightly weak to crush attack style but has high defence so it may take a while. You can consider attacking with a Leaf-bladed Battleaxe, Abyssal Whip, or Dragon Scimitar.

When the screen turns red, it means that a powerful attack is coming from the boss. You need to face away to avoid it, or you’ll end up taking 50 damage, while also having your prayer drained by 20 points. Jormungand also launches projectiles that can encase you in stone. You can break through it by repeatedly attempting to attack the boss, and if you take too long to break through, it’ll violently break itself while causing 40 damage.

Once Jormungand has been defeated, you will start to wonder whether the End of Things has begun. But it hasn’t as you would’ve noticed it (Brundt says). In the end, you and Brundt will be in the Longhall having a few drinks. Congratulations, the quest has been completed! If you don't have the OSRS Items needed for the quest, you can come to RSorder to buy them, and you can also enjoy a discount.