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OSRS Unranked Group Ironman Mode Overview

Jul-19-2022 PST


Unranked Group Ironman, also known as UGIM, is a sub-category of Group Ironman. It allows players to invite or accept group invitations from other Unranked players, thus, granting better flexibility while swapping teams.

Unranked Group Ironman Mode

If you wish to join a new group on an existing GIM account, or want to invite a new player to your team, you will first need to convert your GIM account status to Unranked.

However, the only drawback to utilizing this flexibility is that you’ll be removed from the GIM hi-scores. You will still appear individually on the regular one though. Also, once the changes are made, you cannot revert your account back to what it once was, which means there’s no turning back.

A group that invites experienced players will turn into an Unranked Group, lose their Prestige status, lose their trade restrictions, lose their Hardcore status, and be removed from the Group Ironman hi-scores.

If a player leaves an existing group, they may choose to adopt the Unraked Status. The decision cannot be reversed; however, the process will not remove your items.

There are no-kill count requirements or trade restrictions for Unranked Groups. You also get a warning if you’re about to join such a group, or if your group is about to become one. So, keep an eye out when you let new players in.

Group Boss Bash Raffle

The first-ever Group Boss Bash. It’s a two-week competition for Group Ironmen which began on May 26th. The event includes gathering your friends to take down various bosses and earn raffle tickets. These tickets help win amazing prices.

The tickets have no value in the game, which means, you cannot trade them, and they are only available until the duration of the event. Ten lucky groups will be chosen at random once the event ends, and will be rewarded with free Membership.

Signing Up

You need to register your group first; to participate in the challenge. The process takes place in the game, and it’s very simple.

Group Ironman players will have a new interface in their settings tab. The interface shows information about the event. Also, if you don’t feel like joining, you can always use the ‘leave’ button to draw from the raffle.

Features like leaving a group or changing the name have been temporarily disabled during the raffle. You cannot leave once the event has started (which it already has). You can only register once per group, so approach one that’s worth sticking around with.


The accumulated points are visible from your UI, and the 10 lucky group winners will be picked after the event is over. Every individual on the winning team will be granted one year of membership, and one of the ten lucky groups will be granted a lifetime membership.

The winners will be contacted within the game, and unless it’s specified by the winners, the membership will be applied to the account used to register in the raffle. You can find the rest of the information on the official website.

Other Changes

Since getting into the Guardians of the Rift minigame can be a little frustrating due to the growing crowd, the player cap per game has been increased to 200 by the OSRS team.

Players are also allowed to lock their game and prevent other players to enter the match mid-way. It’s a perfect addition for small groups who wish to play together. You can have a word with Tamara to toggle the option.

Locking the game prevents players from entering during the initial phase. The lock feature cannot be used on GoTR-themed worlds. You can unlock the game by speaking to Tamara again, and the status is not remembered from game to game, which means, you need to speak with Tamara to reactive it.

The endgame will be delayed when the guardian reaches 100% power. He’ll be unable to take damage during that timeframe. This will give players enough time to hand in their Guardian Stones or access the Altars.

Besides that, you can now make multiple Guardians from a single pile at the same time, and even the creation timeframe has been reduced. Last but not the least, barriers will now always display their HP bars.

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