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Quick and Easy Zalcano Guide in Old School RS

Jun-04-2024 PST

Welcome to my quick and easy Zalcano guide. If you're looking to upgrade your dragon tool to a crystal one, get a cool pet, or simply want to gather Crystal Shards efficiently, you've come to the right place. Let's jump straight into the requirements and strategies you need to master Zalcano.

Quest Requirements

To begin, you need to have completed the quest "Song of the Elves." This quest has high stat requirements, making it a good opportunity to train your skills. Completing "Song of the Elves" unlocks excellent money-making methods such as thieving from elves and the Gauntlet, both of which are beneficial for your RS account.

Skill Requirements

For Zalcano, you only need 70 Mining and Smithing to access the Zalcano boss fight in the Prifddinas Volcano. However, higher levels will be advantageous. I recommend having at least 60 Runecrafting because a higher Runecrafting level will help you deal more damage to Zalcano. High hitpoints are also ideal to withstand her attacks throughout the fight.

Equipment Setup

For your equipment, bring the best pickaxe you have available. Verac's armor (up to 4 pieces) is beneficial as it provides a 10% chance of mining more tephra, the rock you'll use to attack Zalcano throughout the fight. Additionally, bring a Regen bracelet and a hitpoints cape, if you have one, for health regeneration. A Celestial ring offers an invisible +4 Mining boost, which is helpful. For the rest of your gear, wear weight-reducing armor like the Graceful set. You can also add some fashioncapes if you like, such as OSRS Fire Cape.

Inventory Setup

In your inventory, bring two stamina potions and at least ten sharks or any other high-healing food you have. Include a teleport to a bank for banking and a Crystal teleport seed to get back to Prifddinas quickly. Alternatively, you can use the Prifddinas bank if you prefer.

Getting to Zalcano

Zalcano is located in the southeast part of Prifddinas. You can teleport here using a Crystal teleport seed and walk east, or relocate your house to Prifddinas and walk southeast to the boss area.

Activating Plugins

Before you enter the fight, there's something crucial you need to do. Go to your configuration settings, search for “Zalcano,” and ensure this plugin is activated. This plugin will help you significantly with positioning and avoiding damage throughout the fight. There are additional plugins available, but this one is sufficient for now.

The Fight: Step-by-Step

Basics of the Fight

The fight begins with Zalcano spawning in the middle of the room. Your first task is to mine the ore that has an arrow above it. Be cautious of the circles that appear on the ground:

    • Orange circles: Stepping on these will cause constant damage, so avoid them.

    • Blue circles: These will make the rocks you mine hit harder against her shields, so use them strategically.

    • Yellow squares: If these turn red, move away quickly to avoid heavy damage.

Zalcano can also destroy the rock you're mining, so be alert for when it turns red. Once you have enough tephra rocks in your inventory, head to the furnace to refine them. After refining, move to the other side to imbue the tephra. Be cautious of the boulders during this process.

Attacking Zalcano

After imbuing the tephra, you can throw it at Zalcano to lower and eventually break her shield, allowing you to deal actual damage. Utilize the blue circles to maximize your damage when her shield is down. When her shield is broken, mine her until she collapses.

Example Gameplays

Mass Worlds

Mass worlds, such as World 375 (European) and World 378 (North American), involve many players and are ideal for farming Crystal Shards quickly. Here's how a typical mass world fight goes:

    • Everyone usually mines the closest rock because the fights are fast-paced.

    • Mine the tephra as quickly as possible.

    • Refine the tephra and imbue it while avoiding damage.

    • Throw the imbued tephra at Zalcano to break her shield.

    • When her shield breaks, mine her to contribute to her defeat.

Mass worlds are efficient for farming shards but have a lower drop chance for rare items like pets.

Small Teams

For a higher chance of obtaining pets or rare drops, doing Zalcano with a small team of four to five players is recommended. Here's how a typical small team fight goes:

    • Start by mining the indicated rocks.

    • Avoid orange circles and refine the tephra.

    • Imbue the tephra and wait for blue circles to maximize damage.

    • Attack Zalcano with imbued tephra to break her shield.

    • Mine her when her shield is down. Small teams often need to repeat the process to fully defeat her.

Final Tips

    • Always keep an eye on your health and avoid standing in damaging areas.

    • Coordinate with your team for optimal efficiency.

    • Utilize the plugin for better positioning and avoiding damage.


And there you have it, a comprehensive guide to Zalcano! Whether you're farming for shards to corrupt your Bow of Faerdhinen (BofA) or aiming for a rare pet drop, this guide covers everything you need to know to succeed. I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please let me know in the comments below. Have a wonderful day, and I'll see you in the next guide!

RSorder Team