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Regretting my Decision to Create a Female Character

Jul-29-2023 PST

Recently, I made the choice to create a female character and gave her a cute and feminine nickname. However, this decision has turned into a nightmare, and I am contemplating changing my character's gender and name.

My motivation for creating this character stemmed from watching a video where SirPugger roleplayed with a girlfriend bot connected to chat GPT. Since I often play solo and engage in AFK activities while at work, I thought having an alternate character would allow me to emulate that experience. Loneliness does play a role, but it's not the main issue I want to address here.

The problem arose when I entered the GE (Grand Exchange). A player approached me and began incessantly talking to me. He continued talking throughout my entire session, and even after I logged off, I received messages from him. In an attempt to be friendly, I mentioned the possibility of doing some endgame content with my main character and his character. However, as soon as he discovered I wasn't a real girl (even though he never asked before I mentioned having a main character), he abruptly stopped talking to me. His behavior turned apathetic and even angry, and I haven't received a message from him since. It's frustrating.

Another player in my clan constantly tries to keep up with my character's stats, referring to us as "stats partners." He insists that we should progress at the same pace and becomes bitter in the clan chat if I happen to achieve something before him. It creates an uncomfortable atmosphere.

On another occasion, I pretended to be a low-level girl account and begged for some gold. Someone asked me why I needed gold, and I lied, saying it was for the Goblin Diplomacy quest. To my surprise, the person bought all the dyes and required items for me and wanted me to follow him to the goblins while explaining each step of the quest. His persistent presence became annoying, and I eventually logged off to escape it.

While farming Moss Giants for boss keys, a random player appeared and started crashing my world. He bombarded me with questions about what I was doing, where I was from, and the time in my country. These are typical questions one might ask when meeting someone new. While I don't mind occasional conversation, my intention was to solo grind and farm AFK. After a while, I grew tired of his constant presence and fabricated an excuse about having to log off due to my boss being present. However, upon logging back in after an hour, he immediately appeared in my world and resumed talking to me. This pattern repeated several times, eventually leading me to abandon that area entirely as it seemed like he would check the spot whenever I logged in, just to see if I was there.

These experiences have left me bewildered. The concerning aspect is that none of these situations occurred with my male main character, which has over 2000 hours of playtime. It raises the question: Are we truly so desperate that we inadvertently engage in creepy behavior? I would feel deeply ashamed if a girl ever felt uncomfortable due to my actions. Each interaction I described was incredibly uncomfortable, and it is disheartening to think that women may have to endure such situations regularly. This happened in a game, so I can only imagine how much worse it must be in real life.

I implore my fellow players to be more respectful and considerate. Let us strive to create a positive and inclusive gaming environment.

RSorder Team