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RS 2024 Roadmap: Exciting Updates Await

May-16-2024 PST

The future is looking bright for RS as 2024 brings a slew of exciting updates. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, there's something for everyone to look forward to this year. Let's dive into the details revealed in Jagex's recent live stream. So, whenever you're ready, grab your cup of tea, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

May: New Rex Matriarch Boss - Osio

Kicking off the year of updates, on May 28th, RS will introduce a new Rex Matriarch, Osio. This boss will present a unique challenge, being highly defensive against all combat styles except necromancy, in which it is weak. Players will need to complete a short quest to unlock the boss fight. The primary reward from Osio will be a powerful necromancy combat ring, likely featuring a passive effect that enhances necromancy skills.

June: New Archaeology Dig Site

June brings a significant update for archaeology enthusiasts with a new dig site. This site will cater to players with level ranges 73 to 87 and 103 to 113, offering high-level content, new mysteries, collections, and artifacts. Additionally, players will uncover forgotten Dragonkin lore and gain access to a new relic power. This update includes a graphical rework of the surface area at Dim, which will be integral to the new content.

July: Sanctum of Rebirth

In July, players can look forward to the Sanctum of Rebirth update, a new boss dungeon. This update will feature three new bosses, similar to those in elite dungeons but without the trash mobs. These bosses are expected to be more mechanically complex than previous encounters, providing a fresh challenge for experienced players.

According to Mod Sponge, the bosses will offer a more engaging combat experience, with mechanics that are slightly more complex than those found in previous elite dungeons but not as daunting as some of the game's hardest bosses. Players can tackle this dungeon solo or with up to four players, with scaling difficulty modes (normal and hard) and new death mechanics in normal mode.

The rewards include dual tier 95 magic weapons, with the specifics to be determined through a combat beta and player feedback. This approach ensures that the community has a say in the development process, leading to rewards that resonate with the player base.

Summer: Mining and Smithing Rework

The summer of 2024 will also see a rework of mining and smithing, introducing new ores, including primal variants of all Dim ores from Necrite to Promethium. Players can look forward to new armor sets crafted from primal bars, a new best-in-slot pickaxe, and a new masterwork weapon. This masterwork weapon is designed to complement existing gear rather than render it obsolete, potentially offering a new melee switch for specific abilities.

Autumn: New Skilling Boss and Quest

As autumn approaches, players can anticipate a new quest and a skilling boss related to the quest. This will be the second true skilling boss in RuneScape 3, designed to be as much of a group boss as a solo encounter. Unlike the challenging solo experience of Croesus, this new boss will be more accessible for solo players.

Additionally, a new slayer monster will be introduced. This will be an entirely new creature, not just a variant of an existing monster. It's expected that this new slayer monster will drop the long-awaited necromancy slayer helmet upgrade, which many players have been requesting.

Group Ironman Mode

Group Ironman Mode is finally coming to RuneScape 3. This mode will allow players to form groups, share storage and the ability to trade with each other, much like regular players but restricted to their group. This update offers an exciting opportunity for friends to play together and for content creators to collaborate on new series and challenges.

Woodcutting and Fletching Updates

In addition to mining and smithing, woodcutting and fletching will also receive updates. Players can expect new trees, logs, and craftable weapons, possibly including new ranged weapons. This high-level skilling content will cater to players with levels 99 and above, providing new goals and rewards for dedicated killers.

Seasonal Events

October will bring a new Halloween event, replacing the summer event, which has been delayed until next year. The Halloween event promises to be a highlight, with new rares possibly making an appearance, such as a white Halloween mask. Given Jagex's recent success with seasonal events, expectations are high for this one.

Winter: New Story Quest and Seasonal Content

Winter will wrap up the year with a new story quest and an update to the existing Christmas village, including a new seasonal quest. These updates will provide engaging content to close out the year, giving players plenty to look forward to during the holiday season.

Community Involvement and Feedback

One of the most exciting aspects of these updates is the emphasis on community involvement. Jagex plans to run betas and gathers player feedback for various updates, including the tier 95 magic weapons' special effects. This approach ensures that the updates reflect the desires and preferences of the player base, leading to a more satisfying gaming experience.

Looking Ahead with Optimism

With each update, RuneScape continues to evolve, offering players new challenges, rewards, and adventures. The commitment to community feedback ensures that each addition to the game is finely tuned to meet the desires of its player base. As we journey through 2024, the future of RuneScape shines bright with promise, beckoning adventurers to embark on thrilling quests and forge their own legends in the ever-expanding world of Gielinor.

RSorder Team