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​RuneScape Dagannoth Kings Guide

Aug-25-2022 PST

Dagannoth Kings are three dreadful monsters that reside deep within the caves of Waterbirth Island. Each one of them stands at a combat level of 303, and they represent the three different attack styles (Melee, Ranged, and Magic). Their weakness lies in line with the combat triangle, making them immune to the other attack styles.

Each one of them holds a unique drop, except for Dagannoth Rex, who holds two of them. These drops are in the form of rings that offer the best offensive bonuses for their respective combat styles. Besides that, all three of the Dagannoth Kings can dragon the Dragon Hatchet.

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Dagannoth Kings

Dagannoth Supreme attacks with Ranged combat style, and he is weak to Melee (specifically Stab, and the two-handed weapon Balmung). Dagannoth Rex attacks with Melee combat style, and he is weak to Magic (specifically Fire Spells) for ring rs3. And, Dagannoth Prime attacks with Magic combat style, and he is weak to Ranged (specifically Arrow-type ammunition), for ring rs3.

If you obtain all the unique drops from the Dagannoth Kings, you’ll unlock the Bukalla’s Heir title.

How to get there?

You can find the Dagannoth Kings on the sixth floor of the Waterbirth Dungeon. The easiest way to get there is through the Dagannoth Kings Teleport. If you have access to the Max Guild, you can easily retune the boss portal according to your preference.

Alternatively, you can utilize one of the War’s Retreat Portals (PVM Hub) if you have killed any one of the Kings before, for beserker ring rs3. Both these portals will teleport you directly to the entrance of the room.

If you don’t have access to the two methods mentioned above, you’ll have to travel to Waterbirth Island via the routes mentioned below:

First, teleport to Rellekka, take the boat to Waterbirth Island (Speak to Jarvald), and then run counter-clockwise around the island to reach the Dungeon’s entrance, for beserker ring rs3. You can set the Enchanted Lyre to teleport yourself to the Waterbirth Island, but you need to first complete the Hard Fremennik Achievement Diary.

You can also use items like Helm of the Dagannoth or Mask of the Dagannoth to directly teleport in front of the Dungeon’s entrance. Lastly, you can use the Lunar Spell Book to cast a Waterbirth Island teleport.

What kind of achievements can be completed here?

­    ● ­­Defeat the Dagannoth King while wearing the entire Yak-Hide armor set, along with a Fremennik Round Shield.

    ● Defeat the Dagannoth Supreme with the different color variations of Balmung (Two-Handed Weapon).

    ● Defeat the Dagannoth Kings within five seconds of each other.

    ● Obtain a collection of unique drops from the Kings.

    ● Defeat any of the Dagannoth Kings five times.

    ● Defeat any of the Dagannoth Kings ten times.

    ● Defeat any of the Dagannoth Kings twenty-five times.

    ● Defeat any of the Dagannoth Kings fifty times.

    ● Defeat any of the Dagannoth Kings seventy-five times.

    ● Defeat any of the Dagannoth Kings hundred times.