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​RuneScape Deepsea Fishing Guide 2022

Sep-20-2022 PST

Deepsea Fishing is an activity on the RuneScape platform that can be accessed by speaking to the NPC called Goomah at the Fishing Guild. You need to select the Travel option to begin. It’s accessible to players who have a fishing level of 68 or higher, as you need it to enter the Fishing Guild. In the following guide, we have listed some worthy and new methods to train your Fishing skill.

Deepsea Fishing offers great experience in the Fishing skill, with various other rewards, Includes your scarce Runescape Gold. The hub is located at the banks of Gielinor. Now, let’s begin with the guide.

Levelling Up

• Level 68 (Swarms)

Located in the southwestern corner, the Deepsea Fishing Hub can be approached by players to catch a variety of fishes ranging from Mackerel to Sailfish. The plus point is that you can catch them without having to change your Fishing spot. The specific fish that you’re willing to catch, depends on your Fishing level.

At level 85, you can catch a level 97 requiring Sailfish, which is another benefit of approaching this activity. At level 68, you can start by heading towards a Magic Fishing Net, which is known to be a safety deposit box, located north of the Swarms.

• Level 68 (Minnow Shoals)

There are two Fishing spots, located south of the Deepsea Fishing Hub. They contain Magnet Shoals that can be caught without any bait. Magnetic Minnows are known to stack in your inventory, so they are an excellent choice to AFK. Unlike the other fishes that can be caught, they are baited for Magical Fishing spots. You are required to have three hundred Magnets for the conversion of every bait. First, right-click and select the ‘Good’ option to create the bait, and make sure you don’t left-click, or else you’ll end up eating one. The boat that you have arrived in can be used as a bank chest.

• Level 68 or 91 (Jellyfish)

There are a total of nine Jellyfish spots, located in the northern section of the Deepsea Fishing Hub. Some of them are Green Blubber Jellyfish, requiring level 68 Fishing, while others are Blue Blubber Jellyfish spots, requiring level 91 Fishing. They can also sometimes be electrified in either of the two variants, so purchase a de-buff stack when you catch an electrified Jellyfish. When the stack count reaches ten, you’ll be stunned and unable to move until the cooldown timer is finished.

The timer lasts for approx. two minutes, but if you try to catch an electrified variant, the timer will reset and stun you again. You can cut down the timer through Deux piles, which acts as a de-buff.

• Level 79 (Magical Fishing Spot)

Magical Fishing spots are scattered around the Deepsea Fishing Hub. You need to throw bait into the water (Magnetic Minnows), and it will temporarily become a spot of your choosing; however, it depends on the bait used. You have the options to also use Manta Rays, Sea Turtles, or Great White Sharks as baits. The spot takes approx. fifty fishes to reset, so keep an eye out for whenever that happens.

• Level 94 (Fishing Frenzy)

The hub is at the Fishing Frenzy activity, which is on the western section of the Deepsea area. You won’t get any items while fishing there, but the XP rewarded is quite hefty, which means it’s one of the best places to earn the highest XP per hour.

The strategy is to Fly Fish within the giant net from the neighboring Fishing Grounds. For every cleared Fishing spot, you’ll get a slip, which vanishes over a period of time. Fishing continuously in the area will grant you +1% XP for every decade.

You need to first click on the Fishing Spots, and then wait until it vanishes. After that, you have to repeat the process. Your overall range can be far above 200, but your boost will stand at 20%. Stopping for over six seconds will cut your bonuses down by half, and it’ll remain the same until you start catching again. Besides that, you will complete the Frenzied achievement at a streak of 200.

• Level 97 (Sailfish)

On the northeastern section of the Deepsea Fishing Hub, you will find three Sailfish Spots. One of them is a Swift location, which means that you can catch more Sailfish there, than the other two spots. The only drawback is that the spot shifts quite often. You can also sometimes find a Calm Sailfish spot, which lasts longer and permits you to catch more fish. There’s a convenient bank spot west of the Jellyfish spot.


There are several events that take place at the Deepsea Fishing Hub. These events occur between the Swarms, Jellyfish, and Crow’s Nest area in the large waters. A good suggestion would be to stay on World 116 for your participation chances to increase.

• Jellyfish Invasion

In the open waters, a Giant Jellyfish spawn will trigger. There will be several Jellyfishes on the path, and you have to click on them several times to clear them in two waves. If you successfully eradicate the Jellyfish Invasion, you’ll be granted a 50% increase in Fishing XP for thirty minutes.

• Sea Monster

A Sea Monster spawn will trigger, where you have to throw Raw Fish Crates at the beast to feed it. It’s suggested that you feed it with Crates of Redfish because it heals 2,000 HP, and it’s free of cost. They aren’t always available, but it’s worth noting that higher fishes fill the Sea Monster more quickly. Tunas feeds the beast for a couple of points, while Sailfishes heals more than 2,000 HP. Successfully completing the event will grant you a 10% chance of obtaining additional fish for thirty minutes.

• Whale

A Whale spawn will trigger, where her mouth will remain open throughout the event. Your objective would save the Fisherman who has been swallowed by the whale. To start, you’ll first need to fish a Magnet from the Whale’s mouth. If you’re successful, you’ll get a 10% increase in the fisheries rates for the next thirty minutes.

• Whirlpool

A Whirlpool spawn will trigger, where you will have the access to interact with it in two ways. The first way is that you can fish from it to obtain different catches, depending on your Fishing level, and the second way is to toss coins in it. The coins will be removed from the game, and you’ll earn any one of the five titles depending on the amount you have donated. Once the event is over, everyone at the Hub will get a Fishing Buff for the next thirty minutes.

• Travelling Merchant

Sometimes in the open waters of the Deepsea Fishing Hub, a ship may spawn. You can purchase various items from the NPC on the ship. There are a total of four items to always be purchased, where the first one is always a Map of the Island, while the other three items reset and change on a daily basis. It’s worth noting that you can only purchase the items once every day. Buying an item will unlock and complete the Up for Sail achievement.


• Boosts

You can find various items while Fishing at the Deepsea Fishing Hub. These items can get your character boosted for several minutes; however, you need to bear in mind that listed achievements complete the three boosts simultaneously.

Barrel of Bait grants a 10% chance for extra catch (duration: 3 minutes), Broken Fishing Rod grants a 10% bonus catch rate (duration: 3 minutes), Tangled Fishing Bowl grants 5% additional Fishing XP (duration: 3 minutes), and Message in Bottle grants the ability to select a boost of your choice (duration: 3 minutes).

• Captain Death Beard

Every now and then, you’ll see Captain Death Beard rowing around to ask for instructions. If you give him the right instructions by interacting with him, you’ll be granted some Fishing XP.

• Fishing Notes

You may come across some Fishing Notes while Fishing at the Hub. When you examine the Fishing Notes, they will disappear while rewarding you a total of 9,703 fisheries.

• Gregg’s Ring

While fishing, you may obtain the item Gregg ‘Groggy’ Herring Ring. The ring needs to be returned to Gregg, who is located west of the Crow (near the entrance of the Hub). Returning the ring won’t solve his drinking problems, but you will unlock and complete the My Precious! Achievement.

• Minnow Man

Sometimes the Minnow Man will spawn close to the Hub, and travel south to the Minnow Shores, for rs3 fishing guide. As he walks forward, he will ask for extra minutes, every time the amount varies. Once he reaches his desired location and leaves, you’ll receive an Expert Return of up to 1,940; however, that is only if you have given him the appropriate Magnetic Minnows.

• Pelican

Every now and then, a Pelican will spawn at the Deepsea Fishing Hub. You are tasked to feed it from your current stock to be rewarded with Fishing XP.

• Seagull

There are several Seagulls throughout the area, but at times, there is a special Seagull spawn that can be shot, for rs3 fishing guide. You can identify it through its Squawking, and unlike the other Seagulls, you cannot come close to this variant, or it’ll fly away. You are granted Fishing XP upon shooting it.

• Sea Singer

There are often times when a Sea Singer spawns and serenades one of the people on the docks. It could either be you or another player. You need to click on her when she sings to hear her song, while a nearby player starts to serenade. Before leaving, she grants up to 1,940 XP to a few players.

• Treasure Turtle

A Turtle with a chest on her shell spawns in the open waters of the Deepsea Fishing Hub. It hands over a treasure trial price up to the Elite level when interacted. You can also earn a Clue Scroll if you were in the same world that it has spawned on. Besides that, you’ll unlock and complete the Fancy Turtle Back achievement. Sell all Deepsea Fishing at the same time to get a lucrative RS GP.