​RuneScape Reverses Pay-to-Win Hero Pass Following Player Backlash

Sep-08-2023 PST

Jagex, the developer of the popular MMORPG RuneScape, has taken immediate action in response to the uproar from its community regarding the recently introduced Hero Pass. The Hero Pass, which was advertised as an "always-on reward system," faced overwhelming negative feedback from players due to its pay-to-win elements, including the option to purchase Underworld Emblems and levels within the pass.

Acknowledging the severity of the backlash, Jagex swiftly addressed the issue and released an update, admitting their mistake. The developer stated, "We made an error," and recognized that the launch of the Hero Pass had caused frustration and alienation among many community members. The update acknowledged player concerns about the excessive pay-to-win nature of the pass and the loss of essential aspects of Daily Challenges.

To address these concerns, Jagex immediately made several urgent changes. They removed the ability to purchase Hero Pass levels and Underworld Emblems. Additionally, all content buffs associated with the Hero Pass will be eliminated entirely in the coming week.

In response to player feedback, Jagex will be moving XP buffs out of the Premier rewards track and making them available exclusively through gameplay for all players. As a result, the paid Premier Pass will now only offer cosmetics and consumables, ensuring a fairer playing field for everyone.

Furthermore, the Daily Challenge system, which was affected during the introduction of the Hero Pass, will be reinstated within the next few weeks. Additionally, Hero Pass rewards will be rebalanced to make them more attainable.

Jagex expressed their hope that these prompt and necessary changes will demonstrate their commitment to listening to the community and taking appropriate action. They acknowledged the importance of rebuilding the trust that was damaged as a result of the events of the past week.

In an accompanying FAQ section, the update informed players that those dissatisfied with their purchase of the Premier Pass could contact customer support for a refund. This further emphasizes Jagex's commitment to addressing player concerns and ensuring their satisfaction.

The introduction of the Hero Pass had significant consequences, including a substantial number of player unsubscriptions and negative reviews bombarding the game on platforms like Steam. However, with Jagex's swift response and dedication to rectifying the situation, it is hoped that players will regain their faith in the game and its developers.

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