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Ten OSRS Best Stab Weapons in 2022

Jun-29-2022 PST

If you have got into a situation where you can't kill monsters even after hitting them many times, you may know the struggle of finding the perfect weapon for this purpose. Stab weapons aren't popular compared to other weapons, but sometimes you need to stab monsters in the heart to get rid of them. Old School RuneScape offers some pretty good stab weapons along with osrs best ranged gear. Below are the ten best stabs weapons you can equip for your next adventure.

Ghrazi Rapier

Ghrazi Rapier is the best stab weapon in Old School because it offers a 94% stab boost and an 89% strength boosts when you equip it. If you are weak monsters against stab weapons, hit them with Ghrazi Rapier to see the magic. Use it as a melee weapon along with Inquisitor's mace and blade of saeldor. Since Ghrazi Rapier is a non-degradable weapon, you don't have to grind for it again.

Dragon Hunter Lance

Although Dragon Hunter Lance is an upgraded version of the Zamorakian Hasta, it offers almost the same stats. The only difference between the two weapons is that both prayer and strength boosts are removed after the upgrade. But don't worry, you get a 20% increase in damage and accuracy of the stabbing weapon against all monsters. To create this weapon, you can attach a Hydra claw to the Zamorakian Hasta.

Zamorakian Hasta

Zamorakian Hasta is a one-handed stab weapon that gives you an upper hand over the identical weapon in terms of stats. Use it to slash, stab, and crush your enemies while equipping a shield or a second weapon in the other hand. Having this weapon is a dream of every OSRS player. You can take the simple Zamorakian spear to Otto near Otto's Grotto and pay some fee to transform it.

Zamorakian Spear

The base-level Zamorakian Spear offers an 85% damage bonus when you stab a monster making it one of the best spears in osrs gear. Along with the damage bonus, it is packed with other high stats, including crush and slush bonuses. If you use it with the right technique, it can match the speed of daggers. Defeat the K'ril Tsutsaroth at the God war dungeon to get your hands on one.


Abyssal Dagger

Abyssal dagger is one of the best single-handed daggers in OSRS, all thanks to its unmatched attack speed. If you are looking for a weapon to increase your overall strength levels, the Abyssal dagger is the best choice for you because of its 75% stab bonus. Those who are lucky will receive it from an Abyssal demon's drop, while others have to get it from the Abyssal Sire.

Guthan's Warspear

Guthan's Warspear is a powerful weapon with an 85% stab bonus and manually activated passive effects. If an enemy attack you and you lose some health, don't worry as you will be able to recover it when you deal some damage to the enemy. This removes the need for food to heal, and you don't have to end your trip due to a food shortage. It is a rare weapon that drops from Barrow's mini-game.

Dragon Dagger

Dragon Dagger, AKA DDS, can give a very hard punch to your enemies with a 40% stab bonus. You can also use the Special "Puncture" to land two hits in one go while saving 75% of the energy bar to use this special again. If you love grinding, you can kill some monsters on the map or skip the grinding by spending some money at a store in Zanaris.

Dragon Spear

Dragon spear gives you the ability to stab enemies to death with a 55% stab bonus, but there are other reasons to love this weapon. One of the biggest reasons is its special "Shove," through which you can push your enemy back and stun them for a moment while you recover from the recent attack. It works best in the wilderness, where you can lure players and kill them to get all their items.


Keris is a stabbing weapon with a pretty low stab bonus of 40%, but this isn't the reason why it's on the list of best weapons. The biggest reason is the 33% increase in overall damage to all the kalphites on the map. Launch multiple attacks to crack the skeleton of these creatures, as you can deal triple damage afterward. You need to complete the "Contact" quest to get Keris in OSRS.

Rune Sword

Although the rune sword is a medium-level weapon based on its stats, you will be amazed to see its performance in the stab weapon slot. It is better than the rune dagger with a 35% stab bonus. You can make it by yourself if your smithing level is above 89.

In Conclusion

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