The Best Minigames For New Runescape Fans

May-05-2021 PST

RS is always attractive to new players, and it’s always good to have someone lead you forward. So as an older player, what advice could you bring to the best minigames for new players at RS? Assembled by some players.

Soul wars

"Soul Wars" is a member-only minigame. Each game lasts 20 minutes and can be played anywhere in the world. This minigames depend on the work of your team, so if you’re a new player and want to try them out, you need to join a great team.

To complete the game, it is recommended to play at a higher Slayer level and a higher battle level. By the way, you are not allowed to bring any bathrobes, food or other fighting equipment to attend the Soul Wars event, but you are allowed to use potions and acquaintances. There is no doubt that this will be very useful when the battle is intense.

Soul Wars is good for winning and XP, but at the same time you can earn enthusiasm points by playing "Soul Wars".

Pest Control

Pest Control is also a small partner fighting game. Your team's mission is to defend the NPC and destroy the monster portal at the same time. That’s why you and your teammates need to work together. You can disperse, for example, some players can stay in the Void Knight, and some players can stay in each portal.

Pest Control is a safe minimum task and is good for XP. In addition, upon successful completion of the game, you will receive 2-4 Void Knight reward points that can be exchanged for the experience of single combat skills.

Fist of Guthix

Fist of Guthix is a two-player free-to-play minigame that focuses more on tactics and strategies. Each game consists of two rounds in which one player competes with another player.

Because there is a huge amount of running in the game, it is best to wear armor that can reduce weight. However, if you die in a minigame, you don’t have to worry about losing items, as this is definitely a mini-game cabinet.

Minigames are almost dead now in much of the world because almost no one is playing them now. However, you will always find a way to enjoy it. If you are new to RS, trying out some mini-games is a good option. Can also help you make more friends for RS. If you are playing these minigames and need coins and items to enhance the fun of the game, you can visit