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The Fastest Way To Get The Perfect Fit And Agility In OSRS

Jan-26-2022 PST

So how do we get graceful set fast? Therefore, we need to consider which course will give you the most signs of Marks of Grace. This, of course, depends on your agility. We have stated in this OSRS Agility Guide how many Marks of Grace values you will receive per hour for each rooftop course.

As you can see, the ardougne rooftop course yields the highest Marks of Grace per hour of 20 but requires high agility of over 90. However, Canifis only requires 40 agility and gives you 19 marks of grace per hour.

So the fastest way to get a full graceful outfit is to stay on the canifis rooftop course until you get the full set.

How long does it take to get the full graceful set from Canifis?

Assuming you followed this guide and completed the roof courses at Al Kharid and Varrock, you should already have more than 30 marks of grace when you reach level 40 on the Canifis Rooftop Course. This means you still need 230 marks of grace, which takes a total of 12 times hours to get it.

So it takes about 12-13 hours to get the perfect awesome set using the Canifis Rooftop Course. When you get the full awesome set, you should have gained 230,000 more experience, which would elevate you to Agility level 59.

OSRS Agility Training with the Hallowed Sepulchre agility course

The fastest way to practice agility in OSRS is the Hallowed Sepulchre update 2020. With the Darkmeyer update, we can now use a whole new agility content: the sacred Sepulchre agility course.

The Hallowed Sepulchre treats agility differently. On a typical agility track, you just have to grab it, the action itself makes no sense. It doesn’t require much attention from you and can even be done while doing other activities.

The Hallowed Sepulchre changes this. Here you have to work actively to complete the course and it requires real skill and practice. This leads to such a nice change in speed that we didn’t realize we needed agility skills! Goodness? You get higher XP rates than ever before in agility and you can earn seriously. Robbing chests will give you less experience per hour, but will significantly increase your income.

Requirement for Hallowed Sepulchre: Sins of the Father quest

Hallowed Sepulchre experience rates per level:

   Levels 52 – 62: 40K/hr

   Levels 62 – 72: 50K/hr

   Level 72 – 82: 60K/hr

   Level 82 – 92: 70K/hr

   Levels 92 – 99: 85K/hr

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