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The Hidden Gems of Old School RuneScape: 10 Items and Their Lesser-Known Uses

Feb-05-2024 PST

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a game renowned for its vast world, intricate quests, and countless items with multifaceted uses. While some items are widely recognized for their primary functions, there are hidden gems that have lesser-known applications, adding depth and creativity to gameplay. In this article, we'll delve into 10 such items and uncover their intriguing uses that go beyond the conventional.

1. Bone Dagger:

The Bone Dagger, often overlooked as a mere weapon, possesses a unique special attack unlocked after completing the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest. This attack has a special feature: it never misses. Despite its modest damage, it finds utility in specific scenarios, such as the Theatre of Blood (TOB) where bosses have a reduction cap. The Bone Dagger becomes a valuable asset, especially in team settings, where its unique effect can be maximized.

2. Sanfew Serum:

Crafted from crushed herbs and a vial, the Sanfew Serum is not just a stat-restoring potion. When used strategically, it can cancel the effects of Divine potions, transforming them into regular potions. This presents a cost-effective way to obtain additional doses of potent boosts like Super Combat or Bastion, proving invaluable in raids and high-level PvM encounters.

3. Ancient Mace:

Known for its special attack that restores prayer points based on damage dealt, the Ancient Mace serves as an excellent tool during Slayer tasks. Moreover, its ability to temporarily raise prayer above the maximum level provides a clever workaround for starting specific activities, such as The Inferno, with a substantial prayer buffer.

4. Silver Jewelry (Opal, Jade, Topaz):

Often underestimated, silver jewelry crafted from opal, jade, and topaz gems opens up a realm of utility. From the Flame Tug Bracelet's effectiveness against the Shades of Mort'ton to the Dodgy Necklace's enhanced pickpocketing capabilities, these items prove their worth in various situations. Additionally, the Amulet of Chemistry, created with jade, offers a chance to produce extra-dose potions, making it a cost-effective choice for certain brews and restores.

5. Strange Fruit:

Derived from a random event, Strange Fruit may seem insignificant, but its utility shines in the early game. Not only does it restore run energy, aiding in traversing the world before acquiring stamina potions, but it also serves as an early-game solution to cure venom at Zulrah. Its dual purpose makes it a valuable asset for both Iron Men and regular accounts.

6. Torn Prayer Scroll:

Obtained from the Silver Jewellery treasure trails, the Torn Prayer Scroll unlocks the Preserve prayer. This prayer extends the duration of stat-boosting effects by 50%, offering significant savings on potions during Slayer tasks, boss encounters like the Fight Caves, and even skilling activities.

7. Slayer Ring:

While the Slayer Ring is commonly praised for its teleportation options, its significance goes beyond that. It stands out as the easiest obtainable item for teleporting out of the Wilderness (up to level 30), making it an invaluable tool for Iron Men seeking accessible teleport options in dangerous areas.

8. Venator Bow:

Initially criticized for its slower attack speed, the Venator Bow has proven to be a valuable asset for numerous Slayer tasks, offering a relaxed and efficient approach. Its bounce range, though limited, makes it a top-tier choice for specific bosses like the Grotesque Guardians, showcasing its hidden potential.

9. Ash Sanctifier:

An often overlooked item, the Ash Sanctifier obtained from the Moritania Diaries and upgraded through the Elite Diaries offers a passive prayer training method. By automatically burying bones when killing spectral monsters, it turns activities that traditionally don't provide prayer experience into a reliable source.

10. Soul Bearer:

Providing an accessible solution to the challenge of managing inventory space during Slayer tasks, the Soul Bearer, obtained through a straightforward mini-quest, sends ensouled heads directly to the bank. This makes it a cost-effective method for gaining prayer experience without the hassle of manually handling the heads.


Old School RuneScape continues to captivate players with its intricate mechanics and hidden treasures. Exploring the lesser-known uses of seemingly ordinary items not only enhances gameplay but also showcases the depth and versatility that make OSRS a timeless classic. As players continue their adventures in Gielinor, discovering the hidden potential of these items adds a layer of excitement and creativity to their journey.

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