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The Most Profitable 99s in Old School RuneScape Guide

Jan-10-2024 PST

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) offers a plethora of skills for players to master, each with its unique perks and challenges. For those looking to amass wealth and build up their in-game bank, choosing the right skill to max is crucial. In this article, we will delve into the most profitable 99s in OSRS, exploring the potential gains, training methods, and overall benefits of each skill.

Fletching - A Solid Baseline:

Starting at the bottom of the profitability list, Fletching provides a decent baseline for those aiming to make some money while leveling up a skill. Fletching unstrung bows from levels 50 to 99 is a consistent method, yielding around 10 million OSRS gold in profit. However, the hourly rate is relatively low, making it an entry-level option for those new to money-making skills.

Woodcutting - A Steady Income:

Woodcutting has historically not been the most lucrative skill, but it remains profitable. Chopping mahogany logs from level 50 to 99 can yield approximately 50 million in profit, although it requires a considerable time investment of around 235 hours. The recent addition of forestry has introduced new money-making opportunities, offering a decent alternative for those seeking variety.

Fishing - Patience Pays Off:

Fishing, while not the most profitable skill, offers a consistent income source. Fishing carambwan with a fish barrel from level 65 to 99 can result in about 93 million in profits. However, the method is time-intensive, requiring over 400 hours, resulting in an hourly rate of around 215,000 GP. Fishing remains a decent choice for players seeking a more relaxed, AFK-friendly money-making method.

Crafting - Diverse Money-Making Opportunities:

Crafting, known for its conventionally expensive nature, provides various ways to make money. Crafting drift nets from level 26 onwards offers a profitable method, earning around 500,000 GP per hour. Alternatively, crafting jewelry is a quicker but slightly less profitable option. Overall, crafting allows for flexibility in choosing a money-making method that suits individual preferences.

Mining - Gemstone Mining for Profits:

Mining can be a profitable gathering skill when approached strategically. Mining gemstones from level 61 onwards can yield up to 600,000 GP per hour, with options like Opals currently providing excellent returns. Mining amethyst from level 92 to 99 is a slower but more AFK-friendly alternative, offering around 200,000 GP per hour.

Hunter - Chinchompas and Profit:

Hunter offers multiple avenues for making money, with black chinchompas being the most profitable. Hunting black chinchompas from level 73 onwards can result in profits exceeding 1 million GP per hour, albeit in the dangerous Wilderness. Red chinchompas at level 63 offer a safer alternative, providing around 38 million in profit from level 63 to 99.

Smithing - Blast Furnace Bonanza:

Smithing emerges as a consistent money-making skill, especially when utilizing the blast furnace. Smithing mythril bars from level 50 onwards yields about 500,000 GP per hour, increasing to around 1 million GP per hour when smithing runite bars at level 85. Going from level 50 to 99 takes around 120 hours and nets over 100 million in profit.

Magic - Utility Spells for Wealth:

Magic, with its utility spells, offers unique money-making opportunities. Tanning leather with the tan leather spell can result in profits exceeding 1 million GP per hour. Unlocking this method requires 78 Magic, Lunar Diplomacy, and the hard Fremennik Diary. Going from 78 to 99 in tanning leather takes approximately 90 hours and yields over 100 million in profit.

Thieving - Elven Riches:

Thieving proves to be one of the most profitable skills in OSRS, especially when stealing from elves at Prifddinas. Unlocking this method requires 85 Thieving, but the returns are substantial. Stealing from elves from level 85 to 99 results in around 150 million in profit, taking only 65 hours. This makes thieving a quick and lucrative option for those willing to put in the effort.

Agility - A Slow Climb to Wealth:

Agility, once considered one of the least profitable skills, has risen in the ranks due to the Hallowed Sepulchre. Starting at level 52, players can engage in the Hallowed Sepulchre for the chance to obtain valuable loot, including the Ring of Endurance. Going from level 52 to 99 takes around 200 hours, yielding an average of 1.1 million GP per hour and a total profit of approximately 227 million.

Runecrafting - The Reigning Champion:

Claiming the top spot as the most profitable skill in OSRS is Runecrafting, specifically with blood runes and, to a lesser extent, wrath runes. Crafting blood runes from level 77 onwards offers an unparalleled profit potential, with over 400 million in profit achievable from 77 to 99. Although the skill is slow, requiring nearly 300 hours, the returns make it the best RuneScape GP per hour and overall profit in the game.


Choosing the most profitable 99 in Old School RuneScape depends on personal preferences, playstyle, and patience. Whether opting for the quicker but less profitable skills or enduring the slow grind of the most lucrative ones, players can find a balance that suits their goals. In the end, the journey to a maxed skill is not just about making money but also about enjoying the diverse experiences OSRS has to offer.