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The Most Profitable Skilling Methods in Old School RS

Jul-03-2024 PST

Since the inception of Old School RS (OSRS), combat has predominantly been the main method for making money. While skilling used to be more profitable, many items have been devalued over time. Despite this, there are still several skilling methods that can provide significant profit. This article will cover the most profitable skilling methods currently available in OSRS.

1. Humidify Spell

The Humidify spell, requiring only level 68 Magic, is a lucrative skilling method. By using this spell to humidify clay, you can earn around 700k OSRS GP per hour while also training your Magic skill. Although it is click-intensive and requires constant banking, it remains a consistent money maker. Here’s a brief guide on how to do it:

    • Requirements: Steam Battlestaff, Astral Runes, and Bank Fillers.

    • Process: Withdraw an inventory of clay, cast Humidify, and bank the softened clay. Repeat this process up to 800 times an hour for optimal profit.

2. Cremating Urium Remains

With the changes to the Shades of Mort'ton minigame, cremating Urium remains has become a profitable method for those with high Firemaking levels (95+). This method not only trains Firemaking and Prayer but also yields a variety of valuable items.

    • Requirements: 95 Firemaking, Mauritania Hard Diary, and Elite Mortania Diary for extra experience.

    • Process: Use a Gold Coffin to store remains, cremate them on pyres with Redwood logs, and collect gold keys. Use these keys to open chests in the Shades of Mort'ton dungeon for loot like Rune equipment, Dragon equipment, and Elite Clue Scrolls.

3. Pickpocketing Master Farmers

Pickpocketing Master Farmers can be a steady source of income, especially with a high Thieving level and some additional preparations.

    • Requirements: 75+ Thieving, 71+ Farming, Rogue Outfit, and Ardy Hard Diary.

    • Process: Pickpocket Master Farmers in the Farming Guild, using Dodgy Necklaces and the Shadow Veil spell to increase efficiency. This method can yield up to 800k GP per hour at higher Thieving levels.

4. Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace remains one of the best methods for making money through Smithing. Starting at level 15 Smithing, you can smelt various bars for profit.

    • Requirements: Coal Bag, Ice Gloves, and 60+ Smithing to avoid paying the dwarf's hourly rate.

    • Process: Smelt bars like Adamantite and Runite at the Blast Furnace. Use the coal bag and menu entry swaps to optimize your time and inventory management. This method can yield up to 1.2m GP per hour with Runite bars.

5. Tan Leather Spell

The Tan Leather spell, available at level 78 Magic, is one of the most profitable ways to train Magic.

    • Requirements: 78 Magic, Lunar Diplomacy, and Fremennik Hard Diary.

    • Process: Use the spell to tan Dragonhides, particularly Black Dragonhide, for up to 1m GP per hour. This method is click-intensive but highly lucrative.

6. Zalcano

Zalcano, a Skilling boss, provides a mix of mining experience and valuable loot.

    • Requirements: 74 Mining and access to the Elven city (Song of the Elves quest).

    • Process: Participate in the Zalcano encounter, mining the crystal shards and smithing them into bars. This method can yield up to 1.2m GP per hour.

7. Runecrafting

Runecrafting has always been a highly profitable skill in OSRS. Although it has been surpassed by some newer methods, it remains one of the best.

    • Options:

        • Double Cosmic Runes: At level 59 Runecrafting, yielding up to 700k GP per hour.

        • Blood Runes: At higher levels using the Abyss, yielding up to 1.2m GP per hour.

        • Wrath Runes: At level 95 Runecrafting, yielding up to 2.3m GP per hour.

8. Hallowed Sepulchre

The Hallowed Sepulchre offers both excellent experience rates and profit for those who master its mechanics.

    • Requirements: 52+ Agility (72+ recommended for better profit).

    • Process: Navigate through the floors, avoiding traps and looting coffins. At higher levels, you can earn up to 2.2m GP per hour.

9. High-Level Pickpocketing

High-level pickpocketing, particularly from Elves and Vyres, is incredibly profitable.

    • Requirements: 85+ Thieving, completion of Song of the Elves for Elves, and Sins of the Father for Vyres.

    • Process: Use Dodgy Necklaces and the Shadow Veil spell to increase success rates. Elves can yield up to 2.6m GP per hour, while Vyres can yield up to 2.3m GP per hour.


While combat remains a dominant money-making method in Old School RuneScape, several skilling methods can provide substantial profit. From Humidify spells and cremating remains to high-level pickpocketing and runecrafting, there are numerous ways to make money through skilling. As the game evolves, new methods may emerge, but these techniques remain some of the best for those who prefer skilling over combat.

RSorder Team