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​The Premier OSRS Ranged Weapons Guide

Nov-13-2023 PST

In the expansive realm of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), selecting the right ranged weapon can be the linchpin to conquering foes and thriving in the heat of battle. The variety of ranged weapons available ensures that players can tailor their arsenal to suit their playstyle and objectives. This guide will meticulously explore the cream of the crop among OSRS ranged weapons, each possessing unique attributes that can transform you into a formidable marksman on your journey.

The Magic Shortbow (i): Swift Precision Unleashed

Known for its rapid-fire capabilities, the Magic Shortbow (i) takes center stage as a symbol of swift precision in the world of OSRS ranged weaponry. Enhanced with the imbued special attack, this bow allows players to fire two quick shots in succession, providing a burst of damage that can catch opponents off guard. Whether you're engaging in player versus player (PvP) skirmishes or taking on powerful monsters, the Magic Shortbow (i) stands as a reliable and accessible option for those who favor speed and precision.

Blowpipe: Toxic Versatility

The Blowpipe stands as a testament to toxic versatility, blurring the lines between ranged and melee combat. Fueled by deadly darts, this weapon not only offers rapid attack speed but also introduces a venomous component to your attacks. The Blowpipe's ability to seamlessly transition between ranged and melee strikes makes it a favorite among players seeking adaptability in their combat strategies. While it may come with a higher cost, the Blowpipe's lethal efficiency in dispatching foes makes it a worthy investment for those who appreciate dynamic gameplay.

Armadylian Crossbow: Elegant Lethality

For those who seek elegant lethality, the Armadylian Crossbow is a premier choice among OSRS ranged weapons. Infused with the divine essence of Armadyl, this crossbow delivers high damage with a swift attack speed. Its special attack, Armadyl Eye, increases accuracy and damage, elevating its potency in crucial moments of combat. While it may command a higher price, the Armadylian Crossbow's blend of elegance and lethality makes it a must-have for discerning marksmen.

Dark Bow: Unleashing the Shadows

The Dark Bow emerges as a shadowy harbinger of destruction, offering a unique special attack that can unleash a barrage of arrows upon your target. With the potential for massive damage output, the Dark Bow is a formidable choice in situations that demand a swift and devastating assault. While it may have a slower attack speed, the sheer power it brings to the table makes it a compelling option for those who prefer a high-risk, high-reward approach to combat.

Karil’s Crossbow: Precision at a Distance

Karil's Crossbow is the epitome of precision at a distance, offering a compelling option for players who value accuracy in their ranged attacks. Part of the Barrows equipment set, this crossbow boasts a consistent attack speed and a special attack that increases damage dealt over time. While it may not have the flashiest special ability, Karil's Crossbow excels in reliability and long-range accuracy, making it a staple for marksmen who prefer a methodical and calculated approach.

Dragon Throwing Axes: A Deadly Hailstorm

For those who appreciate a deadly hailstorm of projectiles, the Dragon Throwing Axes make their mark as a formidable ranged option. With a unique special attack that allows you to throw two axes simultaneously, these weapons offer a rapid and impactful assault. While their use is limited by their consumable nature, the Dragon Throwing Axes provide a burst of damage that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Twisted Bow: Unparalleled Power

The Twisted Bow stands as the pinnacle of ranged weaponry, offering unparalleled power against magical foes. Its unique ability to scale damage based on the target's magic level makes it exceptionally potent against high-level magical creatures and bosses. While it comes with a hefty price tag, the Twisted Bow's ability to dominate in specific scenarios makes it an investment in unmatched ranged prowess for those who are willing to make the commitment.

In the dynamic landscapes of OSRS, your choice of a ranged weapon can be the decisive factor in achieving victory and overcoming challenges. Whether you prioritize swift precision, toxic versatility, or unparalleled power, the top OSRS ranged weapons cater to a diverse range of playstyles. Consider your preferences, goals, and OSRS gold budget as you explore the arsenal of ranged weaponry, and let the power of your chosen weapon transform you into a master marksman, dominating the battlefield with precision and finesse.