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Tips For PK You Should Know In Runescape

Sep-25-2021 PST

Overall, the most amazing thing about the game is the PK system. Players prefer a game with a better combat system. RS has the best of them so it is hailed as one of the most immersive free MMO games available on the web. If you are an RS player, you must be logged in to the PK server. But you can lose your shield in PK because you don't know how to do PK in RS. The tips below are the RS Power Leveling guide that can help you win those battles.

    ● Before going to PK, always check that you have enough food. If you take more food with you, you have a better chance of winning because you will have two battles.

    ● Items are dropped when hit. If you have things that are dear to you, don't take them with you.

    ● Once you encounter a strong enemy, or are at a disadvantage, don't be shy about running. As long as you live, you come back victorious. Your opponent may call you a noob and laugh at you, but remember that if you survive, he might be the one making fun of you. He who laughs last laughs best.

    ● Charge your EP before killing your enemy. Preparation is always important when you start something. Without a full EP, you'd be easily killed. In other words, you're joking about your avatar's life.

    ● Trust few people other than your partners. This is a cruel PK world. Everyone wants to kill others to take possession of other people's stuff. Stay in groups where your powerful partners come together. With their help, you can rule the world of PK.

    ● Find some lower price but higher quality items to wear. Know that you are in a place where everyone wants your money and wants to get your stuff by killing you. Adamant Green Dragon Skins are the ones for you to consider.

    ● Choose a practical weapon. With a practical weapon, you can kill an enemy before they even realize what's going on.

    ● Practice your killing skills. This is the most important thing to do. Only if you continue to kill can you improve your killing skills. Don't be surprised that you can kill an enemy wearing excellent equipment because you have better killing skills.

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