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​Tips to Avoid Gold Scamming When Buying RS Gold on RSorder

Apr-09-2021 PST

RSorder is a great place for RS players to buy RS 3 & 07 gold since we always offer the cheapest RS gold with the fastest delivery and best customer service. Recently, some customers complained that they got cheated when buying RS gold from RSorder. Here we'd like to point out RSorder will never cheat or scam our customers. Here are our tips on how to avoid being cheated when buying RS gold on RSorder.

Main gold scamming tricks you might encounter

1. Someone claimed to be the staff of RSorder and want you to return the RS gold you already got due to invalid orders or system upgrade or other reasons. Keep in mind that RSorder won't ask for the gold back for any reason once the transaction is done! So don’t send your RS 3, 07, or DMM gold back to anyone for any reason.

2. Someone claimed to be the staff of RSorder and tell you they will offer you an extra free bonus or gifts if you return some part of your RS gold you got from RSorder. Bear in mind that any form of asking RS gold back in the name of RSorder is a fraud, and RSorder will never ask for the gold back for any reason.

3. Someone claimed to be the staff of RSorder Facebook and ask you to send your RS gold back for a free bonus. Keep in mind that we will never ask your gold back in name of RSorder or RSorder Facebook. It is worth pointing out that RSorder Facebook has nothing to do with the gold transaction. RSorder is the only place to deliver your RS gold.

Other tricks to avoid being cheated

1. If you encounter some promo ads flagged or promos involve to your account information and RS gold, please visit the main site of RSorder to check out if the activity is available on RSorder.

2. RSorder will never ask your account password to deliver RS gold to you. So do not trust anyone who asks for your account name and password, they are 100% scammers!

3. RSorder Facebook is not in charge of gold delivery. Do not believe anyone who told you to deliver gold via Facebook.

4. If you don’t contact our customer service within 10 mins after you placed an order, RSorder customer service will contact you via email to ensure you can get your gold as soon as possible. However, we will never contact you by phone on our initiative. If someone calls to ask you to return fewer RS gold, please ignore it!

You can always buy RS 07 gold cheap and safe on RSorder if you keep these tips in mind. RSorder is a trustable gold seller and we will never cheat your gold for pointless profits. Here we want to convey our sincere thanks to all RSorder customers and hope you have an enjoyable shopping experience when and after buying RS gold on RSorder.