To Celebrate Halloween Festival 2022

Oct-21-2022 PST

To celebrate Halloween 2022, RSorder is holding Halloween Free Giveaways and Special Deals.

Halloween Free Giveaways

We will be running the best customer competition and reward 10 members who spent the most at RSorder! The event will last until the 5th of Nov 5 PM ( GMT+8 Timezone ).

How To Participate

Every customer has the chance to win the rewards by simply ordering any product during the competition time, We will be tracking the customers who spent the most $ during the contest time.

Winners will be announced officially on the 7th Of Nov 2022 here.


Special Deals

Enjoy 6% off any RSorder purchases during the event with code: HALLOWEEN6.

There are more interesting and diversified services on our website, welcome to visit RSorder at any time. Enjoy more preferential activities and high-quality services!

RSorder team