​Top 10 Best Rings of OSRS in 2022

Oct-14-2022 PST

RuneScape comes up with many rings, including combat rings, joke rings, skilling rings, etc., to choose from. Keeping the slot of ring rs3 empty will impact your adventure badly, and you won’t be able to accomplish some difficult tasks with an empty slot. Here are the ten best rings of OSRS that you can add to your build to defeat monsters single-handedly.

Berserker Ring (i)

The berserker ring performs exceptionally well as a melee with an eight bonus to strength and crush defense. Those who want to take their max hits to a whole new level can equip the berserker ring rs3. It is widely used by PVP and PVE lovers, thanks to its damage per second. Kill Dagannoth rex on the map to get the berserker ring.

Ring of Suffering (i)

The Ring of suffering is a defense-oriented ring that focuses on the defense stat only and provides a 20-defense bonus. Charge the Ring with the help of rings of recoil, and it will become the Ring of recoil for some time.

Whether you need it or you can’t afford the price tag, work hard to get the Ring of suffering as it will help you at some point in the game. Buy the Ring from the grand exchange with 10m OSRS GP or enchant the Zeynte ring.

Archers Ring (i)

Archers ring is the first choice of players who want to deal damage to monsters from a distance as it features an eight-range and defense bonus. It is an expensive ring compared to the other 4 DKS rings and is available at the grand exchange for 3.7m GP. You can kill Dagannoth supreme on the map to get the archer ring without spending any gold at all.

Brimstone ring

Brimstone ring offers four attacks and defense bonuses and six magic bonuses when equipped in the ring slot. It is a one-stop solution to solving your stats problems without occupying too many gear slots. The passive effect of the brimstone ring lets you cast a spell at the desired target to reduce their defensive role to some extent. Kill the alchemical hydra to receive the three components of the Ring and combine them.

Ring of Endurance

The Ring of endurance can restore 40% of the total energy and double the effect of a stamina potion for some time. The process to get the Ring of endurance is hard as you need to loot the grand hallowed coffin after clearing the final floor of the hallowed sepulcher.

It also reduces the energy drain rate by more than 15% if you have 500 charges in your bag. Some places in OSRS require continuous attacks, including the blast furnace, and this Ring is your best chance.

Tyrannical Ring (i)

The tyrannical Ring lets you launch the dragon Warhammer special attack on your enemies by equipping it in the ring slot. The eight offensive and defensive bonus makes it the perfect weapon for bosses in the wilderness. You can kill Calisto in the wilderness to get the tyrannical Ring.  

Elven Signet

If you equip crystal equipment in OSRS, go with the elven signet ring as there is a 10% chance that you won’t use the charge. These crystal items include a crystal pickaxe, ax, harpoon, bow, shield, and the blade of saeldor. Catch crystal implings at Prifddinas to get the elven signet, but you need a minimum of level 80 hunter for this task.

Treasonous Ring (i)

Among all the other rings in OSRS, the treasonous Ring offers the greatest damage from stab along with eight attacks and a defense bonus. Equip it when fighting with a monster who is weak against stabs to finish them quickly. You can buy it from the market with five hundred thousand gold or kill the wilderness boss venenatis to get it for free.

Eternal Slayer Ring

The eternal slayer ring doesn’t offer any stat bonuses, making it a non-combat ring. Players use it to teleport to the desired location on the map, and it offers unlimited teleports compared to similar rings that offer a few teleports.

You can reach the slayer tower, fremennik slayer cave, tarn’s lair, dark beats, mountain tunnels, and stronghold slayer cave in the blink of an eye. Get gems from high-level slayer monsters and use them with a slayer ring to create the eternal slayer ring.

Warrior Ring

The Dagannoth kings drop the warrior ring and three other rings, and it provides a slash attack and defense bonus of 4. If you want to buy it at RSorder, you only have to pay thirty to forty thousand at the grand exchange because of its low demand. Players only equip it when they don’t have anything else in their inventory because it is better to have something rather than nothing.