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Top Tasks For Slayers To Get RS Gold Fast In Runescape

Sep-22-2021 PST

When you play in Runescape, you need to quickly increase your killer level. When you reach a higher slayer, you need to acquire more useful weapons to arm your character. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that your bank has enough RS gold. Fortunately, an easy way is to collect RS gold on a cheap RSorder. Of course, you can do quests to make money in the game. Here are some of the most important tasks for players to make money fast.

1. Nihils. Great profit with the pouches. Make sure to bring a Shard of Zaros or else since you will get piled!

2. Tormented Demons. Given that you are good at weapon swapping, you should be capable of taking down a lot of these suckers.

3. Lava Strykeworms. Risky but bring a yak with storage scrolls to the bank each Ash you get from the kill.

4. Muspahs. Very high profit but highly suggest using a Spring Cleaner and a Yak to bank all the drops. Almost every kill guarantees a 15k+ drop value.

5. Airuts. Even crushing the bones is still a decent profit but use a yak or notepaper to bank the bones.

6. Edimmu. A decent task to try while Blood Shards have crashed.

7. Dark Beasts. They do drop a lot of cash piles, cables and have high access to RDT.

8. Elves. They drop a bunch of valuable skilling supplies.

9. Glacors. Given a 90+ KPH, you should manage a fair bit of profit. However, the ability rotation takes a while to get used to.

10. Abyssal Demons. They are known to drop a bunch of cables and have high access to RDT. Given a fast kill rate per hour, you should get a really high profit from this.

All of these tasks are good for slayers to earn RS gold quickly. If these tasks are too difficult for you to try right now, you may want to consider buying Runescape gold from RSorder. RSorder has a lot of cheap RS gold for sale.