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Void Knight Equipment

Feb-06-2022 PST


Void Knight equipment can be bought from the Void Knights at Pest Control for Commendation Points. The points are earned from the Pest Control minigame. You need to have at least level 42 in Attack, Strength, Defense, HP, Magic, and Ranged, along with level 22 in Prayer to purchase the equipment.

The armor contributes Defense bonuses equally to every stat, without having to lower the attack bonuses. Due to its set bonuses, Void Knight equipment is a popular preference for all the attack styles. The entire set, without the mace, costs 850 Commendation Points.


The equipment has a set effect in addition to the stats, which depends upon the Void Knight helmet worn – Void Melee Helm offers 10% melee damage and accuracy, Void Ranger Helm offers 10% Ranged damage and accuracy, and Void Mage Helm offers +45% to Magic accuracy.

The upgraded Elite Ranger and Elite Mage Helm offer an additional 2.5 Ranged and 2.5 Magic damage bonuses, respectively.

In addition to the equipment mentioned above, the entire set consists of Void Knight Gloves, Top, and Robe. It’s also worth noting that the set effect affects the accuracy of Dwarf Multi-Cannons.


The entire set with one helmet and no mace & seal costs precisely 850 Commendation Points. All the three helmets with set pieces and without mace & seat cost exactly 1,250 Commendation Points. If you’re including the Elite Void Knight equipment, then the total increases to 1,650 Commendation points. Only the Helmet, Robe, Top, and Gloves count towards the set bonus.

Gaining Points

Players who want Void Knight Top, Bottom, Gloves, and a Helmet must win 284 matches in the Novice lander (3 points win), 213 matches in the Intermediate lander (4 points win), and 170 matches in the Veteran lander (5 points win).


Void Knight Ranged set increases the max hit but it has less accuracy, so it’s good against mobs with lower defense. The Void Knight melee set offers better accuracy but at the expense of lowering the max hit, so it’s good against mobs with higher defense.

Void armor with Dragon Hunter Crossbow offers a 30% bonus in accuracy and damage when fighting against Vorkath. It also helps switch between combat styles to adapt with the Barrows Brother’s attack styles. It’s also efficient in raids because it can be used as low-cost and inventory space-saving equipment.

Void Knight osrs equipment can help speed up Slayer Tasks when the priority isn’t a Slayer Helm. For instance, when you’re up against the Undead, you can use a Slave Amulet instead of a Slayer Helm, and when there’s no use for a Slave Amulet, the Void Ranged offers 10% boost accuracy and damage.

Also, when on a Slayer task, if you use Slayer Helmet (I) or Black Mask (I), you’ll have a 15% accuracy and damage boost in Ranged. You can always pair it up with Black Dragonhide or Armadyl Armor for an additional boost of 10%.

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