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Welcome to New RSorder!

Apr-09-2021 PST

New RSorder has been launched. To serve you better, we have optimized the structure of the website as follows:

The data of our old customers’ accounts information and order records will be put in our new site’s database; you can log in directly with your registered user name and password. Meanwhile, we welcome new customers to register. Because that we will introduce the corresponding integral system to feedback all the customers’ long-term supporting and trusting of us in the future. You can use the integral to redeem the corresponding prizes (both virtual and physical). The more integral, the more prize! You can also log in with your Facebook account to purchase from us.

We have upgraded our site and adjusted some of the commodities to help you enjoy convenience and better service during your purchase process. The time is limited, so there may be some deficiencies, hope you can point out some shortcomings while you are purchasing, then you can give your suggestion to our customer reps. Thank you very much!

Welcome to here, and we hope you will enjoy a completely new Rsorder!