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Which Old School Runescape New Skill Will You Choose?

Apr-01-2023 PST

As 80% of players told the official of Runescape that they want them to add a new skill in the game. The Runescape has been working on it since last winter. Now they have brought 3 skill options to the Runescape players. according to the results of community consultation phase.


Sailing, Taming, and Shamanism




Whether you are an explorer venturing into uncharted territories, a fisherman hoping to catch a giant beast, a pirate aiming to sink every ship in sight, or even a courier trying to deliver goods from point A to B, Sailing can provide assistance to everyone. So, get a ship, set sail, and travel to places in Gielinor that you have never been to before!

The core gameplay loop involves navigating to a port, obtaining a ship, and participating in fun activities on the sea. Increasing your sailing level allows you to explore more dangerous and exciting areas.

To begin your sailing journey, you need to head to a port. Fortunately, there are already many of these in the game!

Next, you need to obtain a ship. You will have many options to choose from, whether you want to rent, buy, steal, or even build from scratch. The quality of the ship will affect how far you can sail and how well you perform on the sea - though you will need a higher sailing level to command the highest quality ships.

Once you have a ship, you can set sail and participate in sea activities! This may include hunting elusive sea monsters, finding new fishing spots, or just seeing what else exists in the vast seas of Gielinor.

While participating in activities on the sea, you may encounter other players or NPC ships. You can choose to interact with them, trade, cooperate, or compete. In this game, social interaction and player-to-player interaction are significant parts of the experience.


So, what can you do on the sea?

We plan for sea activities to make up a large part of your sailing training - and also a large part of the skill's reward space.

We want to focus on navigation as a core mechanic. This will be an important part of the skill, so it feels natural - the current click-to-move system can feel a bit strange out on the open sea! We've been exploring a few options, such as unique pathfinding algorithms, keyboard input controls, or special navigation interfaces. This is one of many things we hope to focus on as we iterate, and you can bet you'll have plenty of chances to try out this mechanic in the beta.

But if the sea remains its current copy-paste blue texture, navigation might be a bit dull. With this skill release, we'll be updating Gielinor's oceans with deep waters, coral reefs, currents, storms, and a host of other new content for you to explore.

We don't like the idea of offering you passive XP for aimlessly roaming around - after all, you can't train Agility by walking! Instead, we plan to introduce a variety of activities you can participate in. This will be the backbone of the skill, and you'll gain the vast majority of sailing XP this way. Our current suggestions include:

Deep-sea fishing Hunting elusive sea creatures Sailing challenges, where you navigate your ship through some sort of obstacle or threat Transporting packages from A to B Discovering new islands to explore.

Finally, we'll add in some passive gameplay - things you can do that earn a small amount of XP while you train the skill, such as recording your adventures in a captain's log or dealing with random encounters. Like the rest of the world, the sea is full of life and danger - watch out for rough weather, strange creatures, and ships full of vicious pirates!

Reward Space

The intrinsic motivation to train this skill - to acquire a great ship and explore the ocean - is a major part of why you train it. A bigger, better ship will naturally allow you to access more content - so we'll be adding plenty of things for you to do, including exploring new islands and customizing training methods, activities, and mini-games.

You can also customize your ship and show off your sailing achievements, which could be similar to how we currently allow players to decorate their own houses (if possible). Of course, some of you may prefer to focus solely on having the most efficient ship possible - and that's fine too! We may even consider having the option for multiple ships for different purposes.

But perhaps the most exciting part of "Sailing" is finally being able to access game areas that have been blocked off since leaving Tutorial Island. Have you ever wondered what lies beyond that small stretch of coastline visible from your favorite fishing spot? Well, wonder no more...


Sailing is a complementary skill that allows players to command their seaworthy vessels to unlock, discover, and experience new content on the seas of Gielinor. It provides us with rich opportunities to generate diverse types of content, no matter what type of player you are.

Most importantly, Sailing will allow us to expand the world of Gielinor beyond your imagination, with a brand new, dangerous, and thrilling map of the sea.

Sailing provides us with a huge opportunity to bring new types of content to this skill in the future - there's always more to discover on the vast open sea!


Embark on a journey to befriend and tame creatures across the vast world of Gielinor. With the Taming skill at your disposal, you can earn the trust of these creatures and turn them into loyal companions who will assist you in your adventures.

As you deepen your connection with your new companions, you can train them to enhance their abilities, allowing you to explore Gielinor in new and exciting ways. The creatures you can tame are diverse, both familiar and brand new, each with its own unique set of skills that can aid you on your journey. However, it will be up to you to convince them to join your cause and become your trusted allies.

The Taming skill allows players to domesticate creatures in the vast open world of Gielinor, creating strong bonds with their new animal companions. Unlike traditional hunting, players must care for and train their creatures, providing food, shelter, and engaging in activities to build their strength and abilities. Increasing Taming levels grant access to new areas and more creatures to tame, each with unique abilities that can be further enhanced through training. Community input will play a significant role in refining the skill and abilities available.

Training animal companions offer various activities and challenges, such as having a flying creature search for treasure in hard-to-reach places or a grounded creature to help uncover buried artifacts.

Dedicated Taming activities around Gielinor will allow players to test their companions' mettle, from running obstacle courses to navigating dangerous dungeons. Some creatures may even enjoy a simple game of fetch as a way to bond with their owners. Ultimately, the Taming skill provides a rewarding and immersive way for players to explore the world and develop deep connections with their animal companions.

Reward Space

Companions' abilities allow you to interact with the world in completely new ways. Fangs, fins, gills, wings... these are all tools that animals have that we do not. With their help, we can unlock new areas and new methods of skill training. Exciting stuff!

Despite that, animal companions are cool, cute, and fun. They will allow you to express your character's personality in new ways - who doesn't want to accessorize with their own black dragon or a cute herd of chinchompas?


Taming is a practical skill that allows you to seek out creatures to tame. Over time, you will build a unique bond with your new companion and train it to become even stronger.

Taming will let you make friends with existing creatures and introduce some new ones. Each one will have special abilities to help you on your journey - but remember, these are creatures with their own free will, not summoned slaves to be discarded when you're finished with them. Like a real pet, your care and persistence will pay dividends in rewards.

Take good care of your new friends and train them well, and you'll unlock unique ways to interact with the world!


Unlock the power to perform rituals through studying the magical forces of nature in Shamanism. Collect components, perform rituals, and infuse items with the magic of the spirit world. Create powerful items such as Tikis, totems, and ointments, and enhance your own equipment with powerful new effects.

Your mastery of Shamanism will allow you to open your third eye and enter the spiritual realm, communicating with souls that wander between two worlds.

Core gameplay loop:

Search for natural ingredients around the world. Collect spiritual ingredients in disturbed locations. Draw a ritual circle anywhere in the world. Create powerful Shamanic items through the ritual.

Increasing your level of Shamanism will grant you access to more rituals and deeper levels of the spiritual realm.

The core of Shamanism is training through collecting components and using them to produce new things.

You need to collect two types of ingredients - natural ingredients and spiritual ingredients. Once you have enough, you can create a Ritual Circle and start crafting powerful Shamanic items. This is where most of your XP will come from!


As mentioned earlier, you'll need to collect natural and spiritual components to power your rituals. Of course, you'll need to use different methods to collect each one.

You can gather natural components from the wilds of Gielinor! Look for new nodes scattered around the world and use your Shamanism skill to harvest the goods. You'll look for mushrooms, roots, bark, leaves, berries, and other things from the natural world.

Shamanism also lets you collect valuable reagents from beasts all over the world. Bring your butchering knife and pick up valuable components from your kills, such as giant marrow, hellhound blood, giant frog spleens, and more.

As for spiritual components, you'll be collecting these from special nodes called disruption sites. At these locations, the veil between the spiritual world and our own world is thin, and careful adventurers can obtain spiritual components - the physical manifestation of the magic essential to Shamanism rituals.

We'll assume that most of the items collected will be untradeable, to avoid the skill being bought in response to the community issue mentioned at the beginning of this blog.


This is where everything comes together. Bring your components and combine them into powerful new items, added to the Ritual Circle!

You can create a Ritual Circle anywhere in the world. Like fire used for cooking, Ritual Circles are used for Shamanism - just like fire, they can be drawn in most outdoor areas.

You'll be able to produce new items such as tikis, ointments, oils, and totems - but you'll also be able to use powerful magic bonuses to enhance your existing equipment.

Spirit Realm

The spiritual realm is an alternate reality made up of...spirits! Skilled shamans can harness the power of this realm and use it to enhance their abilities.

Disruption sites are places where the veil between Gielinor and the Spirit Realm is especially thin. You already know you can find spiritual components here, but what's even more exciting is that you can use disruption sites to cross over into the spiritual realm and explore this mysterious new area...

The Spirit Realm is a mirror image of the Gielinor you know and love, but with subtle differences. Doors that are locked in our world may be open in the Spirit Realm, and vice versa. Mastery of Shamanism will allow you to traverse the game world by jumping between the two, unlocking new paths, and uncovering hidden secrets.

We're not entirely sure what the Spirit Realm will look like at this early stage. If Shamanism enters refinement, we'll be sure to discuss our ideas with you.

Reward Space

The greatest reward in Shamanism is the ability to create powerful magical items. On the table, there are ointments, wards, oils, incenses, idols, relics, Tikis, and totems. Although we won't determine their exact effects until the refinement phase, our goal is to make these rewards provide valuable utility. Perhaps a special oil can make your tools better, or a quirky relic can provide magical support. These things have a variety of potential uses, and we are excited to narrow down their scope.

In addition, we also want you to expand your existing items. Shamanism will offer new and exciting ways to improve your equipment, whether it's increasing the attributes of your armor, adding new damage types to your weapons, or more effective skill tools. This is another thing that we will address properly in the refinement phase.

Finally, as your Shamanism skill improves, you will be able to delve deeper into the spiritual realm. Who knows what you might discover?


Shamanism is a skill that combines gathering and production, allowing you to use the power of nature to create powerful practical tools and auxiliary items while upgrading your existing equipment and exploring the mysterious spiritual realm.

The core game loop of Shamanism is typical of old-school games, with a familiar process and magical twists.

Are you ready for some rituals? Grab your Shaman companions and let us know!

The above are the three new skills released by Old School RuneScape. Whether you are a skilled veteran or a novice to the game, which of these three skills would you choose?