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​10 Best OSRS F2P Money Making Methods 2022

Oct-04-2022 PST

Making money in OSRS is possible with practical OSRS F2P ideas and approaches. You'll find comprehensive information on how to monetize your gaming experience.

It is a common belief that OSRS is all about making money. To get better tools and resources for combat and Defence skill advancement, you must earn OSRS gold. Discovering the most efficient approaches to gold farming is essential. Maximum hourly earnings are the objective. OSRS prioritizes effectiveness. These are, without a shadow of a doubt, some of the most often used entry-level methods that may be utilised. However, given the ever-changing nature of commodity costs, your actual results may differ from the average profit projections made here.

We have done the groundwork and devised the 10 best innovative techniques for F2P gaming that are guaranteed to bring you to get a ton of OSRS gold:

World 308 Looting

To begin, teleport to Edgeville and toggle to World 308. It's a good idea to bring some of the initial food from Tutorial Island with you into the wilderness just in case, but you'll be able to produce your food within the first hour. That's all there is to it! Upon entering world 308, cross the ditch in the Edgeville forest and loot whatever you find. Some people's abandoned belongings will astound you. Indeed, one can never tell. A drop of luck might be just around the corner!

Buying Woad Leaves

When you have a little amount of starting money from the aforementioned approach, you should visit Falador. The gardener, Wyson, may be found in the northeastern area of Falador. With this method, you can also use a much smaller amount of gold; just a thousand of OSRS gold can do the trick.

After you've arrived here with some money, you may chat with him and practice the Dialogue. If he asks how much you want to pay, mention that you want to purchase some Woad Leaves and give 20 coins. Every 20 pennies you offer him, he'll give you two woad leaves. In today's Grand Exchange market, two Woad Leaves are equivalent to 104Gp. That's a gain of 84 GP with only 10 seconds of effort!

Depending on how fast and easy you are able to comprehend Wysons' discourse, you will be able to make a decent amount of money. We've seen as much as 35,000 per hour players can earn from this strategy.

Buy Some Chocolate Bars

After you've set a solid basis for your new account using the strategies outlined above, it's time to visit the Grand Exchange and stock up on chocolate bars. Slicing a chocolate bar into thin pieces produces chocolate dust. Cutting a bar into dust has a current profit margin of 14GP per bar, and it takes around 10–15 seconds to do an inventory. You may make as much as 1000 every minute if you are as skilled as a clicker.

Wydins Shop

Wyden's, a shop in Port Sarim, sells food; however, not many people know about this option. He offers all sorts of foodstuffs at a fraction of their Grand Exchange price. If you make use of the world-hopping function and do your banking in Draynor, you may make as much as 75,000 every hour. For those with the foresight to get a head start, this is like finding the Holy Grail.

Gerrant Feather Packs

In our experience, purchasing feather packs has consistently been one of the most profitable activities for free-to-play players. Depending on the current market price of feathers, which is typically 2GP, you can make anywhere from 100,000 to 300,000 per hour. You can buy 10 packs of feathers from Gerrant in Port Sarim for 200GP each (2,000 coins total) and then simply open the packs. Switch universes like you're washing your hair.

Gold and Iron Ore-Mining

If you're familiar with F2P, you know that mining is an excellent way to generate money. Afking may net you a lot of OSRS gold with just a few low-level prerequisites. Iron Ore may be found in several locations around RuneScape, and if you reach level 30 mining, you can begin extracting it for a profit of 20K to 50K each hour. Mining level 40 OSRS Gold Ore will net you 50–125K every hour, depending on your level and the quality of the ore you find.

Zamorak Wines

The legendary F2P cash cow has always been out in the woods looking for Zamorak Wines. The hourly pay for telegrabbing these people is high since Zamorak Wines consistently cost more than $2,000 a bottle. The level 38 wilderness is often monitored by higher-level accounts, and they will assault you without warning. If you see these jerks, you need to planet hop quickly before they have the opportunity!

Sells Blue Dyes

Reach out to Aggie in draynor if you've ploughed through method 2 and amassed a respectable stockpile of Woad Leaves from Wyson the Gardener. A blue dye that sells around 240 coins on the Grand Exchange may be purchased from her for 5 coins and 2 woad leaves. With a cost of 20 coins for the leaves and a cost of 5 coins for the dye, your profit margin per dye is 215GP. If you keep collecting them, the total might rise fast.

Soft Clay Making

As the significant cost disparity between hard and soft clay becomes clear. Using the minimum estimates from both images yields a profit of 53 gp per unit of soft clay produced. There are better ways to make money in the free-to-play pking world and at the Chaos Temples, but this is at least a change of pace.

Items Smithed from Runes

Forging rune objects requires a smithing skill of 85. The most profitable objects to forge are those that are in demand among the High Alchemy community since they fetch high prices on the Grand Exchange. At the time of this writing, the finest choices are rune platelegs, rune skirts, and rune 2h swords. The most you can make from this strategy per hour is up to 500,000 if you follow the instructions.

Even while this is excellent for high-level Free-to-Play smiths, I think it's worth mentioning that it's also a good option for Pay-to-Play players who want to level up their Smithing to 99 while also generating some extra cash.

Final Thoughts

OSRS Gold and money may be obtained without spending many hours farming. By adhering to those mentioned above OSRS F2P money-producing tactics, you'll soon be rolling in OSRS gold. Now that the cat's out of the bag, you may maximize your earnings by adopting proven money-making methods of 2022 while playing the game.