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OSRS Cooking Guide - How To Reach 99 Quickly

Jan-05-2022 PST

If 60 hours of gaming at AFK isn’t fast enough for you, don’t worry: you can do it in 26 or even 20 hours if you can handle fast, click-intensive cooking methods.

Levels 35 – 90 (or 99) Cooking Jug of Wines

From level 35 (which you can reach in less than 20 minutes) you can start making a jug of wine. Cooking wine alone is one of the fastest ways to get 99 chefs in the game, but it’s not AFK like cooking fish.

Beware: up to level 68 you can make a jug of bad wine that is equivalent to burnt fish.

For this method, you will need 14 jugs of water and 14 grapes in stock. Combine them, bet and repeat.

Moving from level 35 to 90 takes 26,620 jugs of wine. This will take 10 hours. Instead, hitting 99 this way takes a total of about 26 hours and you lose about 8M GP.

   EXP rate: 500K/hr

   Money lost 35-90: 3.3M

   Money lost 35-99: 8M

Levels 90 – 99 1-tick Karambwans

Now, of course, cooking also includes a method for handling ticks for the best gaming experience. In cooking, you get a huge million experiences an hour making 1-tick karambwans. This is done by making Karambwans that you don’t burn from level 90 onwards.

It takes about 8 hours for Karambwans to perform 90-99 and you make money doing it!

   EXP rate: 1M/hr

   Profit/hr 800k

   Total Profit: 6.5M

If you use the 35-90 wine jug cooking method and then move to Karambwans, you will only lose about 1.5M OSRS GP and get 99 in less than 20 hours.