​Tombs of Amascut: Raid Rewards

Sep-15-2022 PST

If you're looking for skilled-based combat with raid type game, then Tombs of Amascut is right for you. The vast raid set of Tombs of Amascut is designed on the desert of Kharidian, in the necropolis, and inside the Pyramid of Jaltevas. The game is so well-designed that you have to compete in many quests to overcome enemies.

Luckily, the game is released on the 24th of August, 2022. It is a game where you must uncover secrets by unlocking multiple activities. Fight with bloody enemies and earn valuable rewards. In Tombs of Amascut, you must free the Gods from the heads of Osmumten and stop obtaining the divine weapons by the controls of Amascut (Pharaoh Osmumten).

The Raid in Tombs of Amascut

In Tombs of Amascut, the raid uses the system of invocation.

Invocation System: It is a unique feature in Tombs of Amascut gameplay. Players can select the difficulty levels in the raid with the help of the invocation system.  

The raid will have four paths, each full of challenges and puzzles. Every raid path leads you to the end boss fight with the conventional combat style. Defeat the boss, and you will see some changes in another raid. Note that your selected path will matter significantly in the Tombs of Amascut.  

You should activate the invocations because you may attempt one more time while fighting if you die to the enemy. When your whole team fails, the invocation helps your team to get a chance at one more life in raids. After defeating the first four bosses, you can get inside the chamber of guardians and unlock the lower level. You must conquer these two guardians for rewards.

Rewards in Tombs of Amascut

Here, we discuss some raid rewards in the Tombs of Amascut.

1. Gold as a Currency

In Tombs of Amascut, Runescape Gold is a virtual currency within the player's inventory. You can get gold by competing in different activities, including defeating monsters, competing in quests, and selling stuff in the marketplace to other players. Gold can also get in the form of rewards. You can also get gold from the gold dealer in the game's marketplace and social platforms.


2. Masori Equipment

History: Masori is the ancient, powerful clan of soldiers that engulfed Kharidian armies during a war. They save ordinary people from bloody murderers.

Masori equipment contains Masori Helmet, Masori Chestplate, Masori Chainskirt, and Masori Amulet. You can get these by competing in quests and combat.  

  • Masori Helmet: It has remarkable effects where low-life items are equipped. You will gain additional statistics bonuses when you are below 40% of your base Hitpoints. In addition to the statistics bonuses, you also benefit from more than a 2% Dodge chance on low life. And Dodge provides an opportunity to avoid all damage from most sources altogether.

  • Masori Chestplate: Like Masori Helmet's special effects, you will gain extra statistics when below 40% of your base Hitpoints. But when on Low life, Masori Chestplate benefited you from more than 3% Dodge chances.

  • Masori Chainskirt: As the other two Masori's above, Masori Chainskirt also has a Low life item with 40% below base Hitpoints. You also benefit from more than 3% Dodge chances like the Masori Chestplate.

  • Masori Amulet: In this Masori, you have a low-life item and get extra statistics bonuses below 40% of your base Hitpoints.

Note that Low Life is a new effect in-game. The player has below 40% of the health to be assumed as a low life. For equipping the Masori, you need 30 Defence, 80 Ranged, and 70 Hitpoints.  

3. Heka of Tumeken and the Ward of Elidinis

History: Tumeken and Elidinis were the husband and wife; the Tumeken was Sun's deity, while his wife was the fertility goddess. They both led the Kharidian people and fought against rival forces. Even Tumeken, the Sun's God, sacrifices his life for the dignity of his land.

In Tombs of Amascut, the Heka of Tumeken is a magical weapon shaped like a wand where you require about 85 magics to equip it. Heka of Tumeken makes stronger attacks that give more damage to enemies. While the Ward of Elidinis is the new magic shied in Tombs of Amascut. Broken Ward is a rare reward in Tombs of Amascut. You require 80 Defense, 80 Magic, and 80 Prayer to equip with the Ward of Elidinis.

Heka of Tumeken Special Attacks: The Heka of Tumeken does not have a special attack.

Heka of Tumeken Special Effects: By weapon's attack, it will hit three fast attacks for low damage followed by a slower bit hit.  

4. Osmumten's Fang

History: The Osmumten is a hunter of Earth's deadliest beasts. He usually keeps his best artisan's weapons with him. His favorite weapon is the Fang which is buried with him.

Osmumten's Fang is a Stab melee weapon in Tombs of Amascut. You can equip it with 82 attacks. It can cause significant damage to your enemy.  


Special Attack: Increase the maximum hit of the weapon to its real hit for one attack. Also, boost accuracy by an extra 50%.